The Weight Loss Journey After Falling off the Wagon

So, your cheat day became more like a cheat week, or maybe even beyond that. Can we take a guess and say you’re feeling a little guilty? Please don’t.

There are some people who have never even taken the leap of beginning a diet and healthy lifestyle in the first place; you are doing well already just by trying! Let’s get you back on track so you can continue being your fabulous self.

The Snack Trap

We’ve all done it. When you have one cheat meal and you’ve done so well so far so you decide to turn it into a cheat day and the next thing, you’re buried under potato chips dipped in something naughty from the snack aisle. And once these have partially digested, the guilt comes.

Don’t allow yourself to fall into the trap of “Oh well, I’ve cheated, now it’s back to square one. I’ll start again on Monday.” A cheat meal or even a cheat day (depending on your chosen diet) is perfectly acceptable. In fact, it’s encouraged!

Even the expert fitness celebrities have cheat meals and snacks – and they post them all over Instagram as evidence. Have your naughty meal or day, and carry on with that discipline that got you onto the diet in the first place.

Work It Off

This includes those negative feelings! Get your body moving and burn off those extra calories with your favourite exercises. If you usually take a 30-minute walk, complete a 45-minute walk instead. It’ll help you feel better and get you back on track.

Don’t overdo it though – overdoing can cause injury or stiffness the next day so bad that you can barely walk from your bed to the shower. That will discourage you from keeping up your activity, so rather do a little more, and push a bit harder, than pop a valve trying to work off that takeaway burger.

Resort to Drinking

Water is always encouraged for healthy skin, weight loss, healthy organs and an overall healthy body. Flush out some toxins by upping your water intake. If you aren’t a fan of water, try different teas (that don’t have added sugar) and make a healthy flavoured drink to sip throughout the day.

Part of a healthy lifestyle is being kind to yourself. Remember, you started this journey because you know that you deserve to be healthy and feel good. Speak to yourself nicely, even when you falter; a good mindset is just as important as a good diet and routine.

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