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What can I take if I have a cold/flu?

Remember that your health comes first and it is recommended to consult with your Slender Wonder doctor should you become ill.

Any flu/cold tablets or capsules are acceptable, it is the fizzy things that have no kilojoules. Corenza C  and ACC is acceptable. Be careful of cough syrups, most contain sugar and alcohol. Only 2 acceptable are Bisolvon Linctus and Adco Linctopent

What cheese can I can consume?

You may only consume cheese that contains 10g fat or less per 100g.

Remember that cheese counts as your protein portion.

How do I weigh gem squash?

There is no need to weigh your gem squash, you can consume one whole gem squash.

Can I use Slender Wonder while I am breastfeeding?

Breastfeeding your newest arrival is special and the time passes so quickly! Yes, as a new mom you want your figure back quickly, but, we at Slender Wonder feel that it is best not to start the programme during the first three months after birth – apart from possible medical reasons this is to give mother and baby time to bond and not to place unnecessary stress on the mother during this critical phase.

Slender Wonder has specific guidelines to follow should you be breastfeeding (after the first three months after giving birth) that you will need to discuss with your Slender Wonder Doctor. Specifically you will NOT be allowed to do the detox phase, and, some of the supplements may not be taken due to possible side effects. These are the Herbaboost, Lipo-Lite drops, Aqua Cherry and Easy Garcinia. The Slender Wonder Protein Shake does also contain a small amount of Garcinia so your Slender Wonder Doctor will also need to discuss this with you.

Congratulations on your little one, enjoy each moment and we will be here to help you with your weight loss when the time is right.

How does this plan differ from all the others?

The underlying cause of overweight is being treated and this leads to LONG-LASTING CHANGE.

What if I ‘cheat’?

You will slow down the weight-loss, however, once you get back onto the plan, you will start losing again.

Do I have to cook separately for me and the rest of my family?

No, not necessarily. They can all benefit from eating more healthily! – it’s really GOOD FOOD!

Do I have to buy ‘special foods’?

No, it’s normal food that you can buy at normal grocery stores.

Will I ever be able to eat ‘normally’ again?

Yes, within certain limitations.

What if I have Sugar Diabetes (type 2) or other health problems?

This program has helped many people to improve their blood sugar levels, cholesterol levels and general health (please consult your Physician if you have any doubts)

See testimonials

What if I travel /eat out a lot?

We will give you solutions and suggestions – it’s about choices.

Will I have to continue using the supplements when I’ve reached my goal weight?

No – (there is no dependency factor)

Are there any STIMULANTS in the supplements?


Should I follow SW Activate before Simeon B?

1) According to the protocol no, as your food options are very limited on activate
2) Activate and Simeon B are quite similar but the below applies.
3) SW Activate has been formulated for SW patients who have been on the programme for a long period and they have reached a plateau.
4) If your SW Dr prescribes SWA due to medical or personal reasons that is okay too.

How do I know I have reached a plateau?

Only if you are 100% honest with yourself that you followed the booklet and programme to the tee and still not losing your doctor will rule out any medical reasons and perhaps ask you to keep a diary of what you eat for a week to revise.