The Truth About Sugar and Weight Gain

Sugar is in just about everything, even a Granny Smith apple is 12 to 18 percent sugar that your body is made to process. The problem comes in when we start to add even more sugar in the form of refined sugar and sugar laden drinks. The first people who noticed the major hike in sugar within our diets were dentists, now doctors and medical professionals are very much aware of the obesity health challenge. Your body uses sugar as energy, but if you consume too much, it is stored as fat and can have many adverse effects on your health.

The Effect Sugar Has on The Brain

Everyone has heard of, or maybe even experienced a food craving, linking food to your mood. Food does have the ability to lift your mood because, as amino acids lead to higher levels of tryptophan in the brain, you get a boost in serotonin, which has a positive effect on the mood. Eating sugar to fulfill a craving is something large percentages of people do. Unfortunately, this is usually in the form of sweetened and high fat foods. Getting a sugary fix has become a kind of means of self-medicating our moods, but this comes at a price.

Unhealthy Choices Contain Sugar, Which Results in Weight Gain

The consumption of sugar sweetened drinks has been directly correlated to cases of weight gain and type 2 diabetes. Those who drink more sugary drinks were found by one study to be less active, smoke more and consume more alcohol than those who didn’t drink high quantities of sugary drinks. Healthy choices walk hand-in-hand with weight loss the same way bad health decisions walk hand-in-hand with weight gain.

Drinking Sugar and Weight Gain Go Hand-in-Hand

The fact of the matter is; everything you eat contains some amount of sugar, so it is very easy to tip the scales when you are not only eating too much sugar but drinking it too! Find out how your favourite cooldrink stacks up when it comes to sugar content. The best thing you can replace all of the sugary drinks you have been consuming with is water, and lots of it! This has been proven to encourage and maintain weight loss.

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