The Benefits of Weight Loss with Type 2 Diabetes

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“The benefits of weight loss, especially if you were recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, may actually be able to reverse the disease; for others, it will reduce the risks of common but serious complications’. – Lisa M. Leontis

One of the bigger risks of being overweight is it puts you at a predisposition for insulin resistance and diabetes along with other health concerns such as heart disease, high blood pressure as well as hormonal disturbances.
If you are overweight and at high risk for these highlighted health issues, one of the best ways you can protect your health is through weight loss, research shows a 5% weight loss of your starting weight can make a statistically significant difference.

Weight loss is a struggle, many say “easier said than done” as it not only involves physical activity but changing your eating habits as well. One of the other frustrations is how time-consuming weight loss can be and then managing to keep it off.  In the end, it needs to be a complete journey to a healthier you.

Before you start a diet, you need to consider all factors around the situation carefully as going on an instant or ‘fad’ diet may not be the answer and can actually do more harm than good. A vicious circle is started when going on a fad diet. When you stop or abandon a quick-fix diet and start eating as you previously were, a person regains the lost weight and often gains more than they lost which leads to repeating the process.

The good news is, there is a way to achieve your weight loss goals and maintain a healthier you. With the Slender Wonder Medical Weight Loss Programme.

Slender Wonder is not just a diet, the program treats the cause of excessive weight and obesity and not just the symptoms. The program is designed to help you not only lose excess weight but maintain these results helping you live a healthier happier life.

If your looking for more motivation, we’ve included two heartwarming stories about a mom whose weight loss enabled lower medication and increased energy levels as well as how losing 25kg’s helped decrease HbA1c levels to below 5%.

Mariana rises above her diabetes

A mother of four who is based in Centurion wrestled daily to balance work, being a mom to a son with special needs as well as being a type 1 diabetic (insulin-dependent) who had struggled with insulin resistance for over 42 years.

One day she had been looking at some previous year’s family photos from Christmas where she realized the need to lose weight and make her health a priority. She had been inspired by the winner of Afskaal (a reality television program) Jandri Swart, to inquire about Slender Wonder. Mariana said she wanted to feel healthy and look good for herself and the extra weight was driving her crazy. She also wanted to treat her chronic condition by eating the right foods, this would improve her blood glucose levels and increase her energy levels for her to participate in daily exercises.

Mariana booked an appointment with Dr. Annelize Geldhenhuys and continued to lose 24kg’s in 16 weeks which was a great achievement. Not only did she manage to shed the kilo’s, but the improvement to her overall health was also astounding. The year before she embarked on her Slender Wonder journey, Mariana’s HbA1c readings were on average around 7.5mmol. As she went through the Slender Wonder program, her levels improved to 5.7mmol showing better control over her blood glucose levels, overall health and her daily insulin dosages decreased by 60%. Mariana also said that Slender Wonder taught her to make the right food choices. When asked how she feels mentally, Mariana said “I feel good every day! Receiving compliments and shopping for clothes has become a lot easier than the past. I have more energy, I feel alive, happy, and active! Emotionally I feel that I am in full control”.

Losing weight as a diabetic can be a rough road and Mariana is an indication of how well suited the Slender Wonder program is for those suffering from this condition.

Losing 25kg’s while living with Type 2 Diabetes 

Michael Green was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes when he was 28 during an insurance medical examination which led to him being prescribed Glucophage for many years and then Glavus Met 50/1000. Michael acknowledged that his bad eating habits and hydration were part of what led to him becoming diabetic. After watching how his dad had suffered for years being undiagnosed and untreated, Michael decided to see how he could improve his health by losing weight. He ran into an old friend from about twenty years ago and couldn’t believe how great he looked. Turned out he had taken the Slender Wonder journey and after seeing a few before and after pictures, Michael decided to try the program.

When Michael started his journey with Dr. Gerda Scholtz, he weighed 110,3kg’s with a body mass fat of 30,3%. He started losing weight and finding he had higher energy levels. He decided to increase his physical training and was very strict never cheating and within 6 months had lost 25.6kg’s and his body mass fat was 12,9%. His visceral fat (fat around the organs) had dropped from 15 to 5, which is extremely important when diabetic.  Through is the progress of the program, Michael stayed on his medication as it was a habit for many years, though his HbA1c levels did drop to around 5% from 7.5%.

Michael confirmed that Slender Wonder was one of the best things he could have done in his struggle against type 2 diabetes and once he lost the weight, he felt like he had a new lease on life.

Committing to Weight Manage is for Life

Slender Wonder helps you learn how to lead a healthy lifestyle. For 45 years they have been helping people achieve their weight loss goals and manage to maintain their healthier lifestyles. Not only does this program assist in shedding the kilo’s but also has added benefits including increased energy levels, reduced headaches and migraines, reduced irritable bowel symptoms, less joint pain, improved sinus relief, reduced asthma symptoms, and less heartburn or reflux.

Set your weight with your Slender Wonder Doctor and start your journey to a new you. Whether you have 5 kg or 50 kg to lose, Slender Wonder is the weight loss program to help you achieve your goal.

For more information visit www.slenderwonder.co.za and find a doctor near you.


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