Steps and Phases of the Slender Wonder Programme

A healthy body weight is an essential part of living a healthy lifestyle and the Slender Wonder programme aims at supporting you by achieving a level of balance that leads you to become a holistically healthy individual. Instead of simply focusing on the symptoms of obesity we focus on the causes.

Being overweight and obese are medical conditions and should be treated as such. Our goals are the loss of unhealthy abdominal fat and general weight loss while addressing the physical and emotional challenges. Secondary weight gain is addressed and support is given throughout your journey to a healthy body and mind through your doctor and support group community.

Steps and process of the program

5 phase programme

Phase 1 – Stimulation phase – 2 days. Stock up on ‘normal’ fat in order for the body to break down only abnormal unwanted fat.

Phase 2 – Detox Phase – 3-day detox to rid the body of free radicals which can contribute to weight gain and prevent or slow down weight loss.

Phase 3 – Weight loss phase – Weight loss plan and essential supplements formulated as a complete system to assist in weight loss without depriving your body of nutrients.

Phase 4 – Stabilisation phase – Once you have reached your goal weight you follow the stabilization eating plan in order to assist with keeping the weight off.

Phase 5 – Maintenance phase – Ensures you maintain a healthy lifestyle going forward

Slender Wonder has been developed to help you reach your weight loss goals no matter what. The programme is designed to help you get rid of unwanted, abnormal fat in a safe, natural, and easy way. This is achieved by using natural products, minerals, and vitamins, as well as essential fatty acids in conjunction with a balanced eating plan. By eating the correct quantities of selected foods you are empowered to once and for all, bring an end to the battle of weight gain.


Find a Slender Wonder accredited doctor in your area www.slenderwonder.co.za

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