Slender Wonder for Postpartum Weight Loss

Expecting mothers usually gain anything between 11kg and 16kg in the first three months of your pregnancy and 1-2kgs every month thereafter until the birth of the child. Expectant mothers gain weight, it is a natural and necessary part of the process.

Expecting mothers are overjoyed about their pregnancy however they realise that this means they will most probably gain weight and they aren’t sure if their pregnancy hormones might introduce new cravings which could lead to weight gain.

Getting rid of the weight after the baby is born is often easier said than done though. It should be noted that weight loss efforts should only be undertaken once the baby is at least 6 weeks old and with the go-ahead from your weight loss specialist. Slender Wonder can help you get back to your desired weight after the baby with our weight loss products and these tips and truths:

Slender Wonder on Weight Loss and Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding your newest arrival is special and the time passes so quickly!  Yes, as a new mom you want your figure back quickly, but, we at Slender Wonder feel that it is best not to start the programme during the first three months after birth – apart from possible medical reasons this is to give mother and baby time to bond and not to place unnecessary stress on the mother during this critical phase. 

Slender Wonder has specific guidelines to follow should you be breastfeeding (after the first three months after giving birth) that you will need to discuss with your Slender Wonder Doctor.  

Congratulations on your little one, enjoy each moment and we will be here to help you with your weight loss when the time is right.

Exercise with the Baby

Many new mother’s struggle to find the time to fit exercise into their day, especially with the newborn always close. The trick is to think of it differently. Exercise doesn’t need to be alone time, you can share this with your child. Walking is a perfect example of great exercise that is easy to accomplish after pregnancy and ideal for taking the baby along. All you need is a pram and some time. A walk around the block is a great place to start slotting exercise into your busy schedule.

Take Naps

When the baby is sleeping, so should you. Taking naps regularly and getting enough sleep (whenever in the day you may find time to do so) is very important. This will also help you avoid reaching for foods which are high in sugar for an energy boost.

Weight loss specialists at Slender Wonder have a wealth of experience and know exactly how to help ladies shed their pregnancy weight. Find a doctor in your area to turn what was a baby bump into a bikini-ready belly.

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