Sarah Powell’s Slender Wonder Testimonial

Sarah Powell decided that enough was enough at the beginning of September 2014. She had, had enough of the fat jokes, the ridicule, the embarrassment of her clothes not fitting her the way they should and enough of her internal battle with food.


Sarah shares her Slender Wonder story with us.


If you know me … you know I love food. My husband says I am the reason he gets fat, “coz I cook soooo good!” I was always in the kitchen whipping up something yummy experimenting with different flavours and pretending to be a chef. I loved to cook soul nurturing food but at the same time destroying my body with the very thing that made me “happy” or so I thought – I wouldn’t say I was a comfort / stress eater… I just LOVE food.


My turning point was when that song from Meghan Trainor came out – “All about that bass” – I adopted this as “my anthem” “my ode to “chubby girls” I started to reside to the fact that I will always be fat and I started to convince myself that, it was ok to be this way and to look like this. I made excuses not to go to the gym and pushed the blame everywhere else but on to myself… how sad, I had to blame others for my own faults…tut tut tut!


I found myself eating pies, sweets and chocolates during the day (not telling hubby) or stopping at McDonalds for burgers and telling myself that its ok, I am on the road, I am a rep, this is what reps do and then going home in the evening and making a carbo-loaded, oil filled dinner for us and then the worst of all, sharing a pudding half/half with hubby after dinner. Now I am not talking about half a chocolate or half an ice cream, no, no, I mean the puddings at Woolies the ones that serve 4, which now only served 2.


I must say, I was petrified to start the Slender Wonder journey, and let me tell you something, I was a bear with a sore tooth at the end of detox – but the moment I started Simeon B…man oh man… there was no stopping me the kilos were melting off they were moving faster than I could ever imagine. I had to lose about 30 kilograms. I have also been hitting the shops hard and fast to keep my clothes size up with the loss. My husband told me that I was the best looking homeless person he had seen in a long time. I took the hint and went to the shops – he is rather cute though, he sings me this song every day ”skinny-maliknki-dinkie-dink, skinny –malin-kie-doo….I love you!”


He has been so supportive though out my journey and I owe most of this to him he has really been stead fast and strong for me.


Every two weeks I religiously meet with Dr Gerda Sholtz and my progress has been very well received by her. She is so understanding and motivating and such a wonderful person inside and out.


March 2015 we went on a week’s holiday to Thailand it was the first time in years I have been brave enough to wear a costume on the beach and not cover myself as much as possible!!! Although the food in Thailand is “not in the book!”I tried my best to stay on track. I am back now and motivated as ever to keep this beach body of mine.


I have bought both recipe books and love the amazing ideas – I use them every night.





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