A journey of a thousand miles begins with one single step

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Sarah Midgley, a Capetonian mother of two, had a mental shift one day and decided enough is enough.

Sarah, a mother of two from Cape Town, needed only a friend and a mental shift to make a life-changing decision.

Sarah had been unhappy with her weight and overall health for a long time and realized one day that she was leading a very unhealthy lifestyle, with depression, hormone fluctuations, and stress all contributing to her weight gain and lack of energy.

“My confidence was through the floorboards”, she said.

Sarah saw how well a friend was doing on the Slender Wonder program and was impressed with the results, which led to her having a mental shift one day, deciding enough is enough.

“I wanted to be healthy and fit, I wanted to show my daughters that anything is possible as long as you have the right mindset and goals to work towards”.

Sarah began her new journey after meeting with Dr. Annelize van Tonder. And, while she struggled in the first few days, particularly during the detox phase, she realized that nothing worthwhile is easy, so she persevered, and as time passed, it became easier. “When you start feeling and seeing the results, all you can think about it to just keep going”.

Her sugar cravings were one of her biggest challenges on the program at first, but they quickly subsided, and she really enjoyed the fact that none of the food options are boring. “My favourite was my morning shake for breakfast, one of my biggest problems was making sure I ate breakfast and the shake was a game changer in getting me into the routine on having breakfast”.

Sarah managed to lose an amazing 28kgs and 137cm overall within 7 months and praises her biggest cheerleader Dr. Annelize van Tonder. Sarah also confirmed that what set the program apart for her was the ongoing support she received while going through this journey, as well as the numerous pre-made options available for convenience.

Despite the fact that she is no longer on the program, she continues to live the lifestyle two years later. She now practices Maui Thai and hikes the Cape Town trails on a regular basis, she confirmed that she is in the best physical shape she has been in since she was around 19. Her energy levels are up, her physical fitness has improved significantly, and she is much more comfortable in her own skin.

When asked who she feels should consider the Slender Wonder program, she said, “Anyone ready to make the change and doing it for no one but themselves. Whether you have 15kg to lose or 50kg. Get started, push through and don’t look back”.

“Set realistic goals. Speak positively to and about yourself. Celebrate your small successes, because eventually the small things accumulate into something huge. Remind yourself why you are wanting to start this journey and never compare your results to anyone else’s. Find social support from those dealing with the same things you are going through.”

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