Pretoria Mom adopts “faith over fear” mindset and achieves her goals

female before and after transformation weight loss

For Nici Lubbe (38) of Mayville, becoming a mom was wonderful but beating post-partum depression was extremely challenging. Like so many who struggle with the “baby blues” after childbirth, Nici was experiencing mood swings, crying spells, anxiety and had difficulty sleeping. Physically, she weighed 92kg and the small-framed lady simply didn’t feel her best, with the added kilogrammes affecting her energy and self-esteem.


With a family history of obesity, unhealthy eating habits and no exercise, Nici realized that she simply had to make a change. “I was desperate to start taking care of myself, for myself, my husband and my two children. I wanted to run and play with them. I never want my weight to ever be an excuse for not being active with my children,” she explained.


Having heard about Slender Wonder from friends over the years, Nici decided to give the programme a try, and this became the start of an incredible new chapter in her life. Under the guidance of the team at YVT Aesthetic practise, Nici has already lost 27 kg. She now has the energy to run, jump and climb with her children. Having adopted the motto of “faith over fear,” psychologically, she feels much better too!


“It was challenging explaining to my kids why I didn’t eat the same food as them in the beginning,” explained Nici. “I want them to have a healthy relationship with food, so that was tricky. I just explained that mommy is eating special food to become healthier and they need extra types of food to fuel their young bodies, which worked,” she added.


When asked what her advice is her others, Nici explains “take the time and make the effort for yourself. The people in your life deserve the FULL you. And if the weight is making your cup empty, it is time to lose the weight!”

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