My perspective shifted when I failed to recognize myself in photographs.

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Molebogeng, a Bloemfontein business mom of two, had a watershed moment after receiving photos from her son’s matric farewell dance. What should have been a moment of pure joy and excitement as she looked back on a memorable evening in which her son had grown into a man, became a moment of realization. She didn’t recognize herself in the photographs.

Molebogeng realized that she had become so preoccupied with being a mother and running her events and catering business that she had forgotten to look after herself while indulging in unhealthy foods and habits.

She was seeing Dr. Heinrich Griesel for acne treatment when they began talking about her concerns regarding her overall health and weight. She decided to start the program after reviewing the Slender Wonder program structure and reading various success stories from previous Slender Warriors.

One of the most common concerns when beginning a diet is that the food is often bland and tasteless, which often leads to the failure to complete the program. Molebogeng discovered that she enjoyed the food; she said the fact that you are eating healthy while enjoying it makes a big difference.

“I always looked forward to my weigh-in appointments, that feeling you get when shedding the kilos and seeing the results is out of this world, I loved seeing the results from all the effort I had put in,” she said.

As Molebogeng discovered, not every journey is without challenges. When you have created an unhealthy habit such as a fondness for junk food, having to stay away from all your favourites can be quite challenging.  She also found the structure of eating meals challenging at first, as did making sure to drink enough water. “I was never a water person, I preferred coffee to water any day,” she commented.

Despite the challenges, she found that Slender Wonder teaches you to be consistent and mindful of what you put into your body, thereby treating the root cause of weight gain.

“There was a time when I would run out of breath from simple tasks, but now I am able to take long walks, and be more active. The ability to bend effortlessly and tie my shoes is the cherry on top, plus I can now shop in the kiddies section!”

“Anyone thinking about not only losing weight but also keeping it off in the long run and preventing further weight gain should consider Slender Wonder, ” she said.

When asked if she has any advice for those going through similar struggles as she had, she commented, “Don’t think you are a failure, get your mindset right, and don’t be scared. Food is an addiction; you have to be in control of food and not the other way around. Don’t give in to temptation. It all starts with you!”

Molebogeng ‘s motto is “doing it for me, the best way I know how,” and she’s sticking to it. After losing an incredible 50kg’s, she is still following the program aiming to lose another 5 kg on SB to reach her goal weight.


We look forward to catching up with Molebogeng’s on her journey in the future.

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