My High School Reunion was the final motivation I needed

For the retired 60-year-old, Dedy Casey, from Boksburg, her High School reunion at Afrikaanse Hoërskool Germiston in 2017 was the final motivation to lose weight.

“We had our 40-year reunion in August last year and my sister inspired me to lose weight for the reunion because I wanted to look great.”

Dedy started on the Slender Wonder programme in June 2017 with Dr. Bianca Cowan, who is also Dedy’s niece, with the practice just around the corner from her house.

According to Dedy, stress was the main factor causing her weight gain over the years, but she never realized she was considered obese until she went to Dr. Cowan for her first weigh-in.

“I needed to lose 30 kg and I wanted to do it by 15 December 2017 and I did. Best Christmas gift to myself.”

To Dedy going on the Slender Wonder diet was the best decision she ever made. She lost 30 kg in 6 months.

“Once I started losing I could not wait to go for my next weigh-in. I was full of energy and felt good in my new body. Wherever I went I only got compliments which boosted my confidence. The best of all was my NEW wardrobe, from XXXL to MEDIUM clothes.”

Dedy is not on the Slender Wonder programme anymore, but she is confident that it taught her how to obtain healthy eating habits and now she finds it quite easy to maintain her weight because she never wants to be overweight again.

“I am not feeling so tired anymore and have lots of energy. I’m also sleeping much better and even look younger.”

Slender Wonder literally did ‘wonders’ for Dedy’s physical health. Before she started on the programme she was suffering from high blood pressure, but after her weight loss, her blood pressure is back to normal. She also has lots of energy and just feels much healthier than before.

Of course her new look also did ‘wonders’ for her self-confidence and although she was still in the process of losing all the weight when she went to the reunion, it already made a huge difference.

Dedy’s advice to anybody wanting to lose weight is: “If I can do it, then others battling with their weight should also join Slender Wonder. It will change their life.”

To Dedy the best thing is that she is setting an example to her kids and that they are proud to say: ‘THAT IS MY MOTHER’.

“It’s simple, if you need to lose weight, join Slender Wonder and start enjoying life again.”


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