Mizanne Hattingh’s Inspiring Weight Loss Journey with Slender Wonder

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Mizanne Hattingh, a 25-year-old lifestyle and entertainment journalist based in Pretoria, is currently working towards a Master’s degree in Communication: Journalism and Media Studies at NWU. Mizanne had always known she needed to lose weight but struggled with self-discipline and motivation. When the opportunity to start the Slender Wonder program came along, she knew it was the answer she had been waiting for.

As a complete comfort eater, Mizanne has always struggled with her weight. She saw her first dietician in third grade and was always aware that she was built differently. Despite never being extremely overweight, she was always a bit bigger. During her school years, she tried various methods to lose weight and managed to lose about 20 kgs by the end of matric, maintaining this during most of her student years. However, the COVID-19 pandemic led her to revert to old habits of comfort eating, lack of portion control, and not worrying about what she ate. As a result, she gained about 45 kg from 2020 until recently, primarily due to comfort eating.

Through an agreement between Maroela Media and Slender Wonder, Mizanne discovered the program. Feeling very disheartened about her weight at the beginning of the year, this opportunity felt like a blessing and an answered prayer. At times, Mizanne found the program challenging, but she remained highly motivated to lose weight. For her, the difficulty was manageable because she focused on the long-term benefits. She appreciated the support from everyone at the Slender Wonder office, which kept her motivated and going.

When asked what she enjoys about the program, she said, “The support from everyone at the office. It really keeps you motivated and going. The empathy I’ve experienced through this whole journey is astounding. I’m at a point in the journey where I look forward to seeing everyone, and speaking to them. It’s really the thing that has kept me going.

When asked about some of the challenges, she said, “Some of the medication I had to take. One of the pills made me a bit nauseous, but (with my doctor’s approval) I just stopped taking it.

I also had to control some of my thoughts about disordered eating that crept back in. I have a tendency to demonize food, to be afraid of it. And yes, I do want to lose weight, but I surely do not want to get back into old habits of only eating once a day, being scared of my scale, scared of food and scared of gaining a gram. Food controlled my life for a long time while I was a student, and I had to actively focus on not getting back to that point.

Mizanne is still on the Slender Wonder program and has lost 28 kg in about three and a half months. She started at 115 kg and is now at 87 kg, with a goal weight of 70 kg. Mizanne has gained a significant amount of energy. “I have a world of energy. Someone said to me the other day that it’s like I was carrying around about ten 2 liter Coke bottles (or even more) all this time. And now it’s gone. It makes a world of difference.”

Psychologically, Mizanne no longer feels the heavy burden of worrying about her weight. The stress of being overweight, concerns about her health, and guilt for not controlling her weight have dissipated. Her confidence has soared, especially with fitting into new clothes.

When asked if she has any advice for others, Mizanne advises those struggling with their weight to have patience and focus on small, daily decisions. It’s a marathon, not a sprint, and every small choice contributes to the overall goal. “Have patience with yourself. It took a while to gain the weight, it’ll take a while to lose it again. Don’t focus on the big things. This immense mountain you have to climb. Doing something that has felt impossible for the longest time. Focus on every small decision you make. That’s how you win this marathon.”

Every person’s story is different, and for those inspired by Mizanne’s journey, contact Slender Wonder to find a doctor near you and start your path to a healthier, happier you.

Keep an eye out as we catch up with Mizanne along her journey.


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