A Medical Weight Loss Programme: Reducing the Risks Associated with Obesity

Obesity is measured according to your BMI or Body Mass Index. Your BMI is just an indication of what a healthy weight would be according to your height versus your weight. From a BMI of 30 you are considered as “obese” and above 40 can have serious health implications. This makes losing weight a priority for your health and wellbeing.

At Slender Wonder, where your health is a way of life, we encourage you to enroll in a medical weight loss programme that will help to reduce symptoms and take your medical wellbeing into account at all times. Not to mention your self-esteem which is sure to get a much needed boost too. Our medical weight loss doctors will work on goals to help you feel better and reduce the medical risk associated with obesity like those discussed below.

A Medical Weight Loss Programme Can Help to Reduce Risks Associated with Obesity

Committing yourself to a medical weight loss programme can help to minimise the symptoms or reduce the risks of developing the following conditions:

Stroke and Heart Disease

These occurrences have been directly linked to a sedentary lifestyle and poor diet causing obesity as well as stroke and heart disease even in very young people. Reducing your cholesterol and weight will be the focus of your medical weight loss programme. 

High Blood Pressure/Hypertension

Obesity is a risk factor here as well as smoking and drinking alcohol excessively. A medical weight loss programme and quitting bad habits are the first steps to aiding this problem.

Sleep Apnea

Many people suffer from sleep apnea which is experienced through trouble breathing at night simply due to their weight and the development of Obstructive Sleep Apnea due to the large width of the neck. Once you start shedding kilograms with a medical weight loss programme it is possible for this to go away completely.

Insulin Resistance and Type 2 Diabetes

With obesity comes the risk of developing insulin resistance which can easily turn into a lifelong struggle with Type 2 Diabetes. A medical weight loss programme with medical weight loss doctors ensure that your insulin levels are monitored and work on lowering them before one problem progresses into something much worse.

Slender Wonder is a medical weight loss programme geared at not only helping you lose weight but to safeguard your health. For more information contact us, and we can start the journey to better health together.


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