Meal Replacement Shakes for Weight Loss

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When on a weight loss journey it is important to ensure that you always have access to a nourishing and healthy meal. However, it can be challenging to do so when you lead a busy lifestyle. This is where meal replacement shakes come in. In his article, we will discuss meal replacement shakes for weight loss and list 10 ingredients that should be included in a balanced and comprehensive shake. 

What is a Weight Loss Shake? 

A weight loss shake is a shake that has been specially formulated to contain a variety of vitamins, proteins, and nutrients. They can be used as a meal replacement, especially when one does not have time to cook a meal or you need to eat on the go. They are often used as a tool when on a weight loss journey to ensure you remain full and still get all of the nutrients required in a day. 

Top 10 Ingredients to Look for in a Weight Loss Shake 

A comprehensive weight loss shake should have a variety of ingredients that allow for it to be a healthy meal replacement and should help you consume all of the nutrients your body needs to be healthy. The 10 most important ingredients include:

  1. Proteins: It is extremely important that a weight loss shake contains protein. This is because protein keeps one feeling full for longer. Protein is also absorbed by the body quite quickly. 
  2. Maltodextrin: This is a type of complex carbohydrate that has been processed. It is typically made from rice, corn, or potato scratch. The process makes it soluble in water. It is easily digestible and gives the consumer a boost of energy, making it the perfect ingredient in a weight loss shake to be used before a workout or as a meal replacement. 
  3. Medium Chain Triglycerides: This is a type of dietary fat, that is made from coconut and palm kernel oils. It is important that your body receives a certain amount of fat per day to function correctly. MCT is also a type of fat that those who suffer from fat sensitivity can absorb without issue. This fat doesn’t only help with weight loss but also assists with cholesterol, blood sugar, and brain energy. 
  4. L-Glutamine: Glutamine is a great supplement to include as it does assist in weight loss, and helps your gut stay healthy. Ultimately, it is an amino acid that is crucial to overall health.  
  5. Calcium: While milk is considered to be a good source of calcium, there are many other fantastic sources. Milk is high in calories and it is therefore better to consume your calcium in other ways. A comprehensive weight loss shake will include a healthy amount of calcium to keep you healthy and strong.
  6. Magnesium: For those who suffer from high blood sugar and low insulin levels, magnesium can be a game changer. It helps to regulate both blood sugar and insulin levels, especially in individuals who suffer from being overweight or obese. 
  7. Phosphorus: It is important to ensure that you consume enough phosphorus. This mineral is extremely important for a healthy diet and it is, therefore, often found in weight loss shakes to ensure you remain in good health. 
  8. Vitamins: A good weight loss shake should contain an array of vitamins. Some of the vitamins that should be included consist of vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12 and Biotin. It should also include vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D, and vitamin E. This will ensure that you receive all of the vitamins that you require from a meal. 
  9. Folic Acid: Folic acid is known to assist your body in producing and maintaining new cells. It is also said to help with cancer prevention as it helps prevent changes within one’s DNA. It can also be beneficial for those that suffer from anaemia. 
  10. Fructose: This is a type of simple sugar that is added to most weight loss shakes to make them tasty. While excess amounts of fructose isn’t beneficial, when consumed in small amounts it won’t do any harm and will make you look forward to having your shake. 

Slender Wonder has a variety of shakes to choose from that come in multiple delicious flavours. They are best consumed when included in a healthy, balanced, and nourishing meal plan. Contact us to find out more about how Slender Wonder can help you achieve your weight loss goals.

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