Maritza from Krugersdorp lost 34 kg’s With Slender Wonder

Her SlenderWonder Doctor: Dr Chantelle Eybers 


During my school years I was not overweight, it was only after I left school that I gradually gained weight not realizing how much. After I got married and had 2 children, it was then that I came to a stage that I did not want to engage in any activities with my kids, as I was always “just too tired” not realizing it was actually the extra weight I am carrying around. I am close to my kids and wanted to be part of their active life as well and decided to research some diets and came across Slender Wonder. I just knew I had to do this! And so my SW journey started.


The journey definitely was not without obstacles! It took a lot of determination and motivation in the beginning, but as soon as I started seeing the centimeters melt away and the scale tipping to the other side, I was even more motivated and determined! There were days that I felt like giving up and you think you need some sugar! But I persevered and the end result was more than enough for me!


I feel good about the goals I achieved. It really boosts your confidence when people that know you for many years don’t recognize you as you had a complete body transformation! Itisamazinghowmybodyjustshrunk!


Before SW I had very different eating habits in terms of meat. Beef definitely was not on my preferred list! But now I love it. My favorite meal is Rump steak with a side salad. In the mornings I still drink the SW shake, and the chocolate flavor is my favorite!


I would like to tell each and every one of you currently on the program and the ones that want to join, that you must always keep your goal in mind! Don’t lose track! Read your SW booklet at least 3 times a week, it encourages you! And most of all remember that YOU can do all things thru The Lord that gives you that willpower! Use it!


I think I am an ambassador for Slender Wonder because everywhere I go I always promote Slender Wonder when people ask about my weight loss! Slender Wonder works! It really does! I am a walking advert for Slender Wonder as I have lost a total of 34 kg’s on Slender Wonder. I was a size 18 and now a size 10! I have been maintaining my weight for 2 years now!


Good luck to all you “losers” out there! It is worth it!



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