Khulekile lost 42kg

Khulekile Zwane from Benoni is a loving mother and grandmother. At 57 years old she decided it wasn’t too late to turn her life around and focus on her health. 


Khulekile has struggled with her weight since she was a child and has since faced the difficulty of using food as a means to comfort emotions. She had to learn the hard way that attempting to fill an emotional void with food creates more problems than it solves. 


She found herself at a turning point when she struggled to climb the stairs at work, it was in this moment that she realised she needed to do something about her health. 


Learning about the Slender Wonder programme from her friend and neighbour, Khulekile decided to give Slender Wonder a try. When hearing about the programme’s wonderful results she knew that Slender Wonder would be a strong source of encouragement on her journey to confidence. 


The change was essential for her because the effects of being overweight were quickly affecting all other areas of her life.


“I was scared that I would lose my ability to walk. I experienced terrible pain all over my body, especially in my knees.” 


Since joining the Slender Wonder programme in November 2018 Khulekile has lost 42kg. She has a completely new understanding of the importance of a healthy diet and how eating right can make you emotionally happier and physically healthier.  


The hardest part for Khulekile was finding that sometimes she didn’t lose as much weight, as she wanted to. She was discouraged by this but continued to persevere. 


Khulekile overcame the initial difficulty of the Slender Wonder programme with the support of her Slender Wonder doctor, Dr. Sharon Lion-Cachet. Dr. Sharon offered encouragement and continues to be there for her throughout her journey.


“The programme requires you to have discipline and motivation which Dr Sharon helps me with, and it helps a lot.” 


As she started losing weight, she felt more confident in her skin. She is filled with excitement and loves how her body is changing to a healthier one. 


Her favourite part of the journey so far is when she visited her doctor for weigh-in appointments. When she started losing weight, she not only felt a physical change but a psychological change too. 


Khulekile’s Slender Wonder doctor, Dr. Sharon Lion-Cachet added:


“Khulekile came to her weigh in appointments on Saturday mornings and never missed a single appointment despite her very busy schedule as an educator. She put her mind to it and remained focused and dedicated from the start! She epitomises a determined woman who has a busy career and family yet achieved her goal through hard work and sacrifice!”



Khulekile expresses deep gratitude for the support from her Slender Wonder doctor, “She is always encouraging me to never give up.” 


Her advice for anyone on the Slender Wonder programme is to stay strong, “Hang in there. I know it is difficult but everything will work out in the end.” 


Eight months later and she is still on the Slender Wonder programme. She has gained self-confidence that she has never felt before! 






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