Isabel Harmse lost 20kg

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When pregnancy leads to weight gain it is often tough for many to get rid of the “baby weight” but for 35-year-old mother of two, Isabel Harmse it became a wonderful reality.

Isabel set out to lose weight after the birth of her second child and visited her Slender Wonder doctor, Dr. Jana Oosthuizen to start her journey to a healthier lifestyle.

“I would not have been able to do it without the support of Dr. Jana Oosthuizen. She is so supportive and  I would not have wanted to embark on this journey with anyone else by my side!”

Isabel says she finds the programme empowering as her will power surprised her when she lost an incredible 20kg. Currently in her sixth month of maintenance Isabel has made the lifestyle change and is managing to maintain her weight.

It wasn’t always easy and some days were tough during her Slender Wonder journey but she found that her main craving trigger was boredom and therefore ensured to keep her mind occupied. Assisting to keep her schedule full and busy are her toddlers Hanru (5) and Karli (2). Isabel’s motivation also came from her children as she wanted to set an example for them when it comes to healthy eating habits and leading a healthy lifestyle.

Losing 20kg in four months was not only about the loss of the weight but realizing that she wanted to make the change in lifestyle and remain at a healthy weight. Isabel is also much fitter and enjoys being active with her kids. She is an avid rebounder and loves the outdoors.

Your mindset also changes when you feel healthier. “Suffering from depression, the change had an immense impact on my mental health and wellbeing. I am much more confident, I have regained my love for life and I am just generally happier than I used to be before. I also believe your eating habits have a huge impact on your emotional state, and eating healthily keeps my mind healthy too.” Says Isabel.

With a motto of “Less talking more doing” it is exciting to report that wife and mother of two has made the lifestyle change. Her advice to anyone considering Slender Wonder; “You have to make a mind shift in order to stick to a weight loss programme. Give your all, or don’t do it at all. If your mind is not in the right place, you will not have the strength or courage to make the change.”

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