The Importance of Water in Your Diet

Water is the foundation and life force for each and every living being on the planet. Up to 60% of the human body is made up of water, and it is imperative for the proper functioning of bodily processes. Water is found in many fruits and vegetables (about 20% of water comes from these), but it, and other water-based drinks should also be conscientiously consumed by the glass frequently.


Importance of Drinking Water


Water is an essential part of every diet; every weight loss professional advocates consistent hydration. It is not only for weight loss, though. Water aids the body in multiple ways. Some of these include:


    • Flushing out toxins: water helps cleanse the liver and kidneys; through urination and perspiration, the body releases excess toxins and unnecessary components


    • Protecting tissue, spine and joints: water lubricates the body in and around the joints. By staying hydrated, people can lessen their chance of developing bone and joint diseases like arthritis.


    • Preventing constipation: Your gut needs water to function properly and assist with defecation. Without enough water and fibre in your diet, you will find that constipation happens more regularly, leading to other health issues in the future.


    • Helping brain activity: Remaining hydrated will assist with your focus, alertness and short-term memory. Being dehydrated will negatively affect cognitive functions.



How Much Water Should I Drink?


There are differing opinions on how much water you should be drinking daily. It will rely on factors such as age, gender, weight, etc. It will also vary according to what climate the individual lives in (hotter weather will mean more water should be consumed to replace water lost through perspiration), how active they are at the time (more physical activity will require a higher water intake), etc.


It has been decided throughout the medical community that eight glasses of water is a good average to aim for, for individuals.


If you aren’t a fan of drinking plain water, you can substitute it for water-based, healthy drinks. Water enhancers make water taste better and may make it easier to drink; they add flavour and colour without the addition of calories.


For more information on healthy lifestyle choices and a weight loss programme that will help you feel great, contact our expert team.


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