Immune Boosting Diet to See You Through Winter

There are loads of ways to keep your immune system fighting fit throughout the year, but with winter coming, you might need to give your body an extra boost with certain foods.  These foods are rich in vitamins and minerals to not only keep you healthy, but to also keep unwanted winter weight off. It’s important to remember that specific foods will work better for some people than others, however, so it’s best to consult a weight loss professional before creating your own food bible.

3 Foods That Fight Infection

There are certain foods that have been used as medicine throughout history. These foods are used today in our modern cooking, but can have great medicinal benefits if prepared the correct way.


Not only delicious in just about anything, garlic has a host of medicinal benefits. It is a brilliant immunity booster that encourages the disease-fighting response from your white blood cells. Eating garlic daily has been proven to have other health properties like lowering high blood pressure, cholesterol levels and heart disease risks. Garlic also has cancer-fighting properties.

Live-culture yogurt

Plain, sugar-free yogurt that has live and active cultures in it can boost your immune system. This type of yogurt is loaded with probiotics, which activate different processes in the body. It not only stimulates the immune system to subsequently strengthen it, but it also improves gut health which plays a key role in the immune defence response. Most diets allow for and often encourage eating natural live-culture plain yogurt.

Red bell peppers

Most people reach for vitamin C supplements when they start feeling under the weather, with good reason! Vitamin C has been shown to help prevent colds and flu, and give your immune system a kickstart. Where do bell peppers come in? A little-known fact: red bell peppers have three times as much vitamin C in them than citrus fruits! This makes them a wonderful, low calorie food to eat during winter to keep you feeling good.

There are of course many different foods that help your immune system do what it does best. There are also a number of immune boosting supplements to keep you healthy! If you are on a specific diet, consult your healthcare professional for advice on the foods that you may or may not include in your diet.  

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