I learned that one should always make a change in your life because YOU want it

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To the 20-year-old Ilze West from Robertson in the Western Cape, her weight loss journey with Slender Wonder did not only do wonders for her self-esteem and general health, but it also taught her a few important life lessons.

As a teenager, Ilze wanted to lose weight for a few reasons, but most importantly, she wanted to be slim so that a certain boy would like her. Although that did not work out as she planned, she learned that one should always make a change in your life because YOU want it, and not for somebody else.

Ilze was in matric when she collapsed at school. Her left ankle was swollen and bruised, so she went to the doctor to have it checked out. The doctor told her she has very weak ankles and they are simply not able to carry her weight.

She was also self-conscious about her weight and had to endure many rude remarks and bullying at school, causing her to have a very low self-esteem.

Ilze realized the reason for her weight problem in general, was just laziness.

“I never really played sports in school, because I was born a chubby child, so I wasn’t very active to keep unwanted fat away.”

She heard about Slender Wonder from her parents, who learned about it from their family doctor.

“I also saw the Slender Wonder Support Group on Facebook.”

Ilze started with the Slender Wonder programme in May 2017 with Dr. M. Delport in Robertson. She also started to exercise at the same time, trying to be more fit and healthy in general.

At first she experienced a lot of headaches and her emotions got the best of her.

“I even got grumpy when one of my siblings or parents bought snacks or treats.”

But all the grumpiness was forgotten when she started losing weight and could fit into clothes she has never been able to wear before and her old clothes looked like tents on her.

“I always dreamed of wearing and buying nice clothes. I only bought clothes, because I had to, not because I wanted to and now I can also buy beautiful and fashionable clothes and look good in it.”

The things Ilze enjoyed most about the Slender Wonder programme were the quick results and the fact that the food is very basic.

“You can find it everywhere and you can get very creative with your meals. I also really like the chocolate shake. It gave me the sweet treat I needed every day.“

Ilze also found that there is no funny or expensive ingredients in the Slender Wonder programme.

“A lot of programme’s have ingredients that I’ve never even heard of, and I’ve been on a lot of diets before, from protein diets and soup diets to leafy green diets and even smoothie diets. And the ONLY weight loss programme that really worked for me is Slender Wonder.”

To Ilze the most challenging part about the programme was the daily water intake.

“I really dislike water. I overcame that by adding some lemon slices or lemon juice to my water.”

Ilze also found it difficult to stay motivated all the time, but today she is so motivated that nothing and nobody can bring her down.

She lost 30 kilograms in 6 months.

“It was difficult, but I’ve done it with the love and support from all my friends and family.”

Ilze continued with Slender Wonder until end of November 2017, but ever since has still been following the Slender Wonder maintenance plan and hasn’t gained a single kilogram.

“I managed to keep it all off by exercising daily and having a personal trainer, but I also still follow some of the Slender Wonder tips and I try to follow the plan every day.”

Slender Wonder helped Ilze find her voice again and it changed her whole life.

“I was a shy kid in school because of bullying. I never stood up for myself, because I was afraid someone will say something about my weight, which they did a few times. After I’ve lost so much weight, I stand up for myself and I’m so confident. I was also a very negative person, but my mind has changed into so much positivity and happy thoughts.”

She also looks and feels much healthier.

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