How To Tell If Your Diet Is Going to Work for You

Sticking to a diet can bring on a whole bunch of new challenges that can be very tiresome to face, and difficult to keep up with. Oftentimes, we tell ourselves that we’re going on a diet, only to feel deprived and end up eating and craving infinitely more than we typically would. This is why we recommend trying a weight loss programme; it provides a more structured approach to weight loss, and you are not doing it alone!

How To Choose A Weight Loss Programme

There are so many options out there, from books, to Pinterest ‘hacks’, to alternative holistic diets. How do you know which one is actually going to work for your lifestyle, and your body type?

It certainly shouldn’t be determined by a pretty website and some enticing photos. Here’s a more realistic approach:

Health > Weight Loss

Yes, you are there to drop some kilos, but your health should be your priority. A good programme will not only guide individuals on food and exercise plans, but will also promotes overall healthy habits, such as getting enough sleep and lowering stress levels. These healthy habits will not only boost your weight loss efforts, but also give your body the glow-up you’re looking for!

Choose Balance

You need a programme that will offer you every food group with additional nutrients so that you can avoid that deprived feeling. Your body has and always will require balance to ensure optimal health. Steer clear of diets that cut out entire food groups altogether.

Go For a Slow-And-Steady Approach

Unless you are morbidly obese, a healthy weight loss rate is about 0.8kg per week. This slow, steady rate will ensure that you’re losing fat rather than water or muscle. This approach also means that you will keep the weight off (which is one of the biggest challenges). Beware of diets that promise fast results in short timeframes – they may not be right for you.

Slender Wonder is a professional weight loss programme that proves sustainable and easy to follow, with the help of doctors. Contact us for more information on bettering your life!

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