How to Count Calories in Food

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If you have already started or are planning to start your weight loss journey, then you have probably heard about calories and calorie counting. A calorie is a unit of measurement. It measures the amount of energy we consume in the form of food and drink. Everything we consume has a calorie measurement and the basis of calorie counting is that if you provide your body with too much energy it will start to gain weight. Therefore, in order to lose weight you will go into what is called a calorie deficit; this is when you consume slightly fewer calories than what your body typically would need to maintain your current weight. The number of calories you will need to consume to lose weight will also typically be adjusted according to your level of physical activity. 

In this article, we will discuss how to count calories in food so that you can be sure you are fueling your body correctly. 

How to Count Calories

In order to count the number of calories you are consuming you must know how many calories are in the food you eat. You should also know how much of a certain food you are consuming. The calorie density of the food will then be multiplied by the weight or amount of that food that you consume. There are many apps to choose from that will have a large list of foods (almost anything you can think of) to choose from. 

Once you have chosen a specific food the app will then typically show the caloric density according to weight. These apps will ask you to enter your current weight, goal weight, and the amount of weight you would like to lose in a week. You will then be recommended a daily amount of calories to consume. Every time you eat something, you will enter it into your calorie counting app and be able to track the number of calories you consume in a day. 

It is important to also count the number of calories in your drinks as this will add to your daily caloric intake. 

How Do I Calculate My Calorie Intake?  

While most calorie-counting apps will calculate your ideal calorie intake, it is good to know how to calculate the number of calories you should be consuming. There are a few simple instructions to follow that will determine your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) which indicates how many calories your body burns in a day when living a sedentary lifestyle. This will be the number of calories you can consume in a day to maintain your current weight. If you want to lose weight, you will try to consume fewer calories.

For Females

  1. (Current body weight in kg) x (0.9)
  2. (Previous Calculation Result) x (24)
  3. (Previous Calculation Result) x (Lean Factor)

For Males

  1. (Current body weight in kg) x (1.0)
  2. (Previous Calculation Result) x (24)
  3. (Previous Calculation Result) x (Lean Factor)

Calorie counting is one of the easier methods through which you can control your consumption and be sure to stay on track. It does however require you to be consistent. 

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