How to Stick to Our Weight Loss Programme in South Africa this Summer

Sticking to a weight loss programme in South Africa can be tricky because our food is delicious and we love summers outside with drinks and a braai. Unfortunately, these seasonal tendencies don’t always lend themselves to a weight loss programme. This article will teach you how to enjoy our sunny summers by the pool while sticking to your weight loss programme in South Africa.

It’s Not Just a Weight Loss Programme, It’s a Lifestyle

A weight loss programme is not a quick fix and sticking to it is key to your weight loss success. You have to commit yourself to changing the way you eat despite what may be happening like the festive season and gatherings. Weight loss programmes in South Africa are easy to stick to if you follow the key rules. Don’t let one slip up dictate your eating habits for the summer, pick up where you left off rather than abandoning the whole weight loss programme to enjoy the long South African summers.

Don’t Drink Your Calories

It can be very tempting to drink alcoholic beverages or cool drinks in large quantities when you are outside in the heat. Alcoholic and sweetened drinks are high in calories. Oftentimes people can’t understand why the weight loss programme is stunted despite following all the eating plans to the letter. Drinks could be the culprit here. Always take plenty of water and ice along so that you can stay hydrated without drinking calories all day even before you have had something to eat. It is also true that you often feel hungriest when you are dehydrated so keep your water close.

Planning Ahead is Key

Everybody likes a good “bring and braai,” so in this case you could always prepare a dish everyone can eat that is particularly geared to support your weight loss programme. Don’t skip breakfast so you can eat more at the braai, stick to your weight loss programme as closely as possible. There are many temptations at a braai, but if you plan ahead by bringing something that is healthy which everyone can enjoy you are less likely to be tempted by other goodies. If the host is providing the meal you could always still take your healthy food along. Better yet, ask those close to you for help in sticking to your weight loss programme in South Africa this summer. Many gatherings are planned around food so you have the ability to avoid temptation by planning ahead.

Slender Wonder even provides fresh made meals for order in Gauteng if you are too busy to make a meal for every outing. You could always order in your healthy meal and take it with you!

Ask for Help to Stick to Your Weight Loss Programme

There is no shame in asking for some help when trying to stick to your weight loss programme. Ask for help from your close friends and family so that when you are invited to a gathering the host is aware of your goals. You may inspire others to join you in your quest for healthy living! Letting people know is the easiest way to stick to your weight loss programme, the support is what will get you through the summer looking slimmer than the last season.

Contact Slender Wonder, where your health is a way of life to start your weight loss journey off under the supervision of weight loss doctors and specialists.


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