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Sandy from Bedford Park reached her turning point in December 2018. She was visiting her parents and saw a photo of herself that was taken in November, “I was shocked at what I looked like and made a commitment to myself that the first working day in January I would start with Slender Wonder and lose all the weight.”

Sandy has struggled with her weight since age six when she was diagnosed with a Duodenal Ulcer. A duodenal ulcer is a sore that forms in the lining of the duodenum. Your duodenum is the first part of your small intestine. As a result of her condition, she was required to eat constantly and in addition, eat ten biscuits and a glass of milk every night before she went to bed.

“This obviously caused weight gain and I fluctuated weight through my school career doing a number of crash diets which then continued into my adult life.” The crash dieting was unsustainable and Sandy’s weight and health were continuously fluctuating. Another problem that Sandy faced was emotional eating. After traumatic experiences in her life, she turned to food to fill the void. When chocolates became her crutch her weight gain spiralled out of control.

Sandy heard about Slender Wonder through a friend that was on the programme, “When I saw how amazing she looked I asked her what she had done.” Sandy kept her promise to herself and began her Slender Wonder journey on the 7th  day of January 2019.

Sandy enjoyed every part of her experience of the Slender Wonder programme, even enjoying the three-day detox. Upon deciding to prioritize her health, she knew that nothing could stop her from reaching her goals. The support from the Slender Wonder community as well as her doctor was a paramount contributor to her success. “When I went for my weigh-in every two weeks I found the encouragement really good.”

Halfway through the programme, Sandy realized the importance of meal planning. Making use of the Slender Wonder recipe books for tasty inspiration and the pre-ordered meals as a back–up plan after a busy day, “It meant I had no reason to cheat.” Sandy refused to let anything get in the way of her health goals. She even managed to make it successfully through two business trips, bringing her injections along and emphasizing meal planning throughout the trip. She even kept a handy fold-up scale in her handbag that she used to weigh her portions.

“I honestly never felt punished and learned how to make the meals look and taste appealing. If I was visiting friends I’d either take my own food or tell my friends what I wanted. That way I was supported and didn’t feel out.”

Like many of her fellow Slender Warriors, Sandy enjoyed the structure of the programme and the knowledge of how to change her eating habits and commit to a lifestyle that prioritized her health. The programme left her feeling energized and helped regulate her hunger levels. Sandy also felt that the Slender Wonder range of vitamins and supplements was a great assisting factor, “I’ve always struggled with taking vitamins and felt the programme really cares for your health as well as losing weight.”

Along her journey, she naturally faced some challenges. She struggled with going out and having loved ones over to visit, “Socially you don’t want to look and feel like the odd one out. I ensured that when I had guests over I would cook a similar dinner for them and myself.” Her lifestyle change went fairly unnoticed by those around her as she ensured her meals were both healthy and delicious. She even went so far as to make healthy Slender Wonder-approved desserts for her and her guests. “I’d also eat a lot slower than everyone else so as not to feel left out sitting watching everyone else eat.”

Sandy remains conscious of her diet, keeping her handy fold-up scale with her so that she sticks to the habit of weighing her food and opting for healthier food choices both at restaurants and at home. “You can’t ever stop the programme. It needs to become a way of life.” Regardless of the occasional slips she continues to weigh herself every day as a means to ensure she sticks to her healthy lifestyle.

Sandy tried many diets, but to no avail, “You name the diet and I’ve tried it.” We are proud and excited to announce that with the Slender Wonder programme, she lost 18 kg in four months. She feels that Slender Wonder is different because of the advice and assistance given to her through the programme and her doctor. She feels that the programme was just as committed to her health as she was.

She is a runner at heart and believed for many years that her knee problems were simply a sign of ageing, but after her lifestyle change the problems were alleviated and she was left energized and ready to enjoy the things that she felt were impossible when she was overweight. Sandy is able to enjoy dressing up again, throwing out the old baggy clothes she used to hide under.

Psychologically Sandy has regained her confidence and excitement for life,  “I feel so much younger, more confident and energetic both in the workplace and at home. I no longer look at fashion items and think “I wish I could wear that”, I’m actually wearing the things I love.”

Sandy recommends the Slender Wonder programme to anyone, (no matter their age) who is struggling with their weight. The programme accommodates anyone in its ability to take your individual health concerns into account. Sandy believes that the support that the programme offers is enough to get anyone to reach their goals. Even though she has reached her goal weight she still checks in with her doctor and goes in for the occasional weigh-in.

Sandy’s new motto to life is, “Get up, weigh in, dress up and have as much fun today as I can.”

Her advice for those struggling with their weight is to be dedicated to the decision to change your life by identifying and reminding yourself of your why. “It’s important to take your wish seriously and put steps in place to help yourself through this journey. You can’t do this for someone else and you can’t depend on anyone except yourself.”

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