How Losing 17kg Transformed Hesmari Van Wyk’s Confidence and Outlook on Life

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After losing 17kg, Hesmari Van Wyk’s life took a turn for the better. The confidence boost was immediate. Each morning, she no longer dreaded the day ahead but embraced it, eagerly anticipating new challenges. Hesmari felt a newfound pride in her appearance, from the clothes she wore to the way she styled her hair. This transformation made her more outgoing and less hesitant to socialize or initiate conversations.

She noticed significant improvements in her daily activities. Simple tasks like climbing stairs became easier, and she no longer found herself out of breath. An active person by nature, Hesmari’s hobbies, including hiking, fishing, and playing sports, became more enjoyable. In particular, running in softball was less strenuous, allowing her to reach bases faster and reducing the frequency of knee and ankle injuries.

Maintaining her weight post-Slender Wonder was not a struggle for Hesmari. The program taught her to make lasting lifestyle changes rather than view it as a temporary diet. She learned to manage portion sizes and prepare healthier meals, ensuring the sustainability of her weight loss.

Throughout the program, Hesmari never felt hungry. The planned meals and snacks were satisfying, and she didn’t feel deprived of delicious food. This aspect made the program feel less like a restrictive diet and more like a sustainable way of eating.

Hesmari experienced a significant decrease in anxiety and depression and a boost in self-esteem and self-confidence. This positive change in her mental and emotional well-being gave her more energy to engage in activities she loves, such as hiking.

Thanks to Slender Wonder, Hesmari developed a healthier relationship with food. She learned to enjoy her meals without overeating and practiced portion control. This balanced approach allowed her to indulge in her favorite foods without negative consequences.

At this stage of my life due to all the assistance from Slender Wonder I can enjoy food without overeating, I can still enjoy snacking and eating but all I do now is portion control. So, I can still enjoy food the way I do without it having a negative influence on my body.”

One major lifestyle change for Hesmari was quitting smoking. As she started nourishing her body properly, the craving for bad habits diminished. She also made a conscious decision to snack on fruits instead of sweets.

With increased energy levels after losing weight loss, Hesmari incorporated regular exercise into her routine. She started playing discus once a week and considered returning to softball, which not only improved her physical health but also helped ease her mind.

She did face some hormonal adjustments that caused temporary issues like acne. However, she remained committed to her healthy lifestyle, confident that her body would eventually adapt.

One surprising benefit was how quickly her stomach size reduced, leading to a smaller appetite and improved portion control.

Hesmari noticed increased attention in social settings post-weight loss. Although there were those who sometimes made her feel bad for eating healthier, she remained steadfast in her commitment to taking care of her body.

Her confidence soared after achieving her weight loss goals. She felt more comfortable in clothes she previously avoided and received constant compliments from her partner, which reinforced her positive self-image.

My confidence has improved drastically, I feel more comfortable in clothes I never thought of wearing. Now that I know I look better I feel better. My partner constantly tells me how beautiful I am and after the program finding someone that loves me for me and all the hard work that I have put into this journey, is amazing.”

During holidays, she manages cravings by staying active and opting for healthier snacks. Her partner’s support played a crucial role in keeping her motivated.

Hesmari continues to use strategies from the Slender Wonder program, such as portion control and healthier cooking methods, to maintain her weight.

Previously, she dealt with stress by eating. Now, she opts for healthier activities like walking and talking through her emotions with her partner.

She noticed a positive shift in how others perceived and treated her. Increased respect in the workplace led to a promotion from receptionist to Financial Manager, boosting her self-esteem further.

While she did reintroduce sweets and oils into her diet she practices portion control to maintain balance.

She aims to maintain an active lifestyle with a positive mindset, supported by her partner. She believes that with the tools provided by Slender Wonder, sustaining her healthy lifestyle is straightforward.

Hesmari has lost a total of 34.8kg and continues to lead a healthier lifestyle.

When asked if she has any advice to share she said, “Definitely do it, you will not regret it for one minute but most importantly do not quit, I know it is hard and it takes a lot of motivation but with support and self-love you can achieve anything, just do not quit. Your body is a temple, take care of it.”

The most important lesson Hesmari learned was that weight loss is about embracing a lifestyle of balanced nutrition, regular exercise, and mental well-being. The comprehensive approach of Slender Wonder helped her understand the interconnectedness of these elements.

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