Good Sources of Protein for Vegans

A large concern about going vegan for many people is the lack of protein (as we know it). But even though vegans stay far away from animal products, they don’t need to develop any kind of protein deficiency. The best protein for vegans can be found in different plants and vegetables and can be just as effective (if not even more so) at providing sufficient protein.

Believe it or not, vegans also have unhealthy food options. This doesn’t have to limit their diet even further, however.

Best Vegan Protein for Weight Loss

There are many delicious vegan options that will give you all the protein that your body needs.


Beans are a great option for vegans; they are versatile and easy on your budget, so you can incorporate them often into any dish. If you’re using fresh beans, it may take a little longer to make, but canned beans are just as protein-filled and they’re ready the minute you open the tin! The most popular beans in many dishes include black beans, red kidney beans, baked beans, and cannellini beans.

Nuts and Nut Butters

Almonds, cashews, walnuts, and brazil nuts are all wonderful sources of protein. They aren’t just a great snack; they can be used in sauces, stir-fry, stews and soups. They can also be ground and made into flour, or they can be soaked and blended to make vegan milk. They can be quite high in fat, so eating them in moderation is recommended.


Oats are a wonderful whole-grain food that can be used as a wholesome breakfast along with fruits and nuts, or they can be used together with other foods to make healthy, fibrous vegan snacks. Oat milk is also a great alternative to dairy milk, and it can also be used in multiple recipes.

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