From COVID to Accomplishment for Gauteng Mom

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Mom defeats Covid-19 after hospital stay, turns her health around



The effects of the Covid-19 pandemic were felt around the world. Affecting all areas of life, lockdown changed everything from how we did our shopping, to how children were educated, to how entire global economies operated. For one Gauteng Mom however, the virus became a turning point and a stepping-stone to a healthier life.


When Wendy Nell (50) contracted Covid-19, the virus hit her hard. She struggled to breathe and ended up on oxygen in hospital. Her weight position made it harder to beat the virus with numerous uncomfortable side effects such as memory loss and weakened eyesight. After 5 days in hospital, fortunately, Wendy survived.


Determined to make the best out of a bad situation, Wendy realized that this was an opportunity to turn her health around. For a long time, she had not felt good about herself, struggled to exercise, and even got sore feet after going for a walk. She often succumbed to her sweet tooth, binging on sweet treats when they were around. Getting the coronavirus gave her the opportunity to do some introspection. Wendy soon realized that the power was in her hands to change her health, and in the process, her life.


Having seen how Slender Wonder had enabled a friend to lose weight, and to stay slim, Wendy decided to give the medical weight loss programme a try. She made an appointment with her doctor, and this is when things started to change…


Five months later, Wendy has lost an incredible 26 kg and she is still on the programme. While she admits the detox phase was tough, she remained determined, and is seeing the benefits already. She looks and feels fantastic, has loads more energy, and even enjoys going for walks in her neighborhood. What’s more, sore feet are a thing of the past!


When asked what she has enjoyed most about Slender Wonder, Wendy points out the shakes, the salads and healthy foods as things she has come to enjoy. Would she recommend it to others? “Definitely” she exclaims! “I’ve tried many other weight loss programmes before, but never seen results like this. Thanks Slender Wonder,” she adds.


To find out more about how Slender Wonder can help you reach your goal weight, go to www.slenderwonder.co.za today.


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