Francoise Vrey Slender Wonder Testimonial

48-year-old Francoise from Magalieskruin Pretoria shares her Slender Wonder journey.


Why did you decide to start the Slender Wonder weight loss programme?

I decided to start Slender Wonder on January 2013 after a friend told me about the program. What inspired me the most were the amazing weight loss success stories of people who had joined Slender Wonder.


I desperately wanted to lose weight. I hated the feeling as if I was stuffed into all my clothes. I wasn’t feeling confident anymore.


What downs did you experience during your journey? I.E. what was most difficult?

The experience in the beginning phase was very difficult. I must admit, the craving for sugar was extremely difficult for me.


What is your favourite Slender Wonder meal?

My favorite meal is the fish and salad or chicken and salad. I am not very fond of meat so my meals are chicken or fish. But I normally buy ready made curry mince or beef from Slender Wonder.


Your favourite Slender Wonder shake?

My favorite shake is the strawberry shake.


What advice do you have for anyone currently on the programme?

My advice for people starting their Slender Wonder journey is to not give up, stay motivated and just enjoy being healthy.


Why would you recommend Slender Wonder?

I would recommend Slender Wonder because not only have I lost weight but I also have a healthy lifestyle. Slender Wonder is designed to improve weight loss and I am extremely happy with Slender Wonder.


And finally how much have you lost on Slender Wonder?

I have lost lost 20 kilograms on Slender Wonder. Still being a member I weigh inn regularly to keep me on track.


I find keeping at my goal weight is more manageable, a way of life that fits perfectly with who I am.



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