A Few Slender Wonder Tips


We have comprised a few Slender Wonder tips for you:


1) Hot chocolate craving? Heat your Slender Wonder Protein Plus shake-up in the morning and you have a similar hot chocolate effect.


2) Try different recipes: We have several recipes in the Slender Wonder recipe books that are delicious.


3) It has been shown that when you crave something by brushing your teeth the craving may settle.


4) Warm your apple in the microwave, add cinnamon & sweetener for a pudding effect.


5) Get moving: Try going for a walk, yoga or Pilates. This will not only benefit your health but also improve your weight loss and speed up your metabolism.


6) Exercise your mind: Start a new course, challenge yourself with crossword puzzles or Sudoku and catch up on some reading.


7) Try a new hobby, knitting, cycling on the weekends, painting, horse riding, and learning how to play an instrument or repurpose old furniture.


8) Always make sure you are well hydrated, drink 2 – 3 litres of water per day. Often dehydration can set off cravings too.


9) Get enough sleep as sometimes fatigue can also cause you to have cravings.


10) Reward yourself with a new outfit.


You CAN do this!


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