Much loved media personality, Elana Afrika brings bubbly personality, 

warmth and compassion to the screen


KykNET and Slender Wonder are proud to announce that Elana Afrika-Bredenkamp will be presenting the new television series, Afskaal. As one of South Africa’s most well-known media personalities, the much-loved television and radio presenter is known for her charming personality and her polished presenting style. Previous and current TV work includes Fynskrif, Parlement ParlementSara se Geheim and the Miss South Africa pageant.


Afskaal, as the name suggests, follows four South Africans who embark on a weight loss journey with Slender Wonder. During the sixteen-week period, the four participants open their hearts and homes to the promise of a healthier life. They take part in various challenges that test them mentally and physically. They are taken out of their comfort zones, and encouraged to go further, while competing for a grand prize.


The remarkable thing about a weight loss journey is that it is so much more than that. It’s a change of mindset, which ultimately leads to a healthier life. “We couldn’t think of anyone better to walk alongside our contestants in this journey than Elana” said Riaan Jacobs, CEO: Slender Wonder. “She radiates empathy and becomes a friend to everyone she meets” he continued.


“I have already been inspired by the tenacity and perseverance of the contestants. They have so much more energy than when they started” said Elana Afrika-Bredenkamp. “What a joy to present a series like this that, I’m sure, will encourage people to make healthier choices, and live their best lives” she added.


Afskaal will premiere on KykNet (DSTV 141) on 10 October 2019, broadcasting on Thursdays at 17:30.

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