Eating Healthy to Boost Your Immune System

COVID-19 pandemic at our doorstep, and the change of the seasons underway, it’s important to boost our overall health to lessen the chances of getting sick. Although there is an array of vitamins that can be taken to strengthen our immune systems, eating healthy and remaining physically active is a sure-fire way to optimise your health and safeguard you from some of the nasty bugs doing the rounds.

Eating Well, Living Well

There are so many benefits to leading a healthy lifestyle.

  • Improved cognitive function: Eating healthy and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can boost your overall brain performance. Lifting the “brain fog” with better dietary decisions and some exercise will improve thought clarity, creativity, memory and response time.
  • More energy: When you implement a better lifestyle, you’ll find that your energy increases and you are able to do more physically and mentally, for longer periods of time.
  • Better sleep: When you are physically active in the day, and you don’t fill your body with unnecessary sugar, carbs and fat, your nightly rest will improve rapidly.
  • Improved mood: Good health helps to balance your hormones and the chemicals in your brain that stabilise your moods. With a balanced diet, comes balanced moods, making you happier and able to deal with stress better.

How to Boost Your Health

Diets are different for everyone, but a weight loss doctor will be able to prescribe a diet and physical regime that will assist with both weight loss and overall health. There are a few rules of thumb that can get this process started:

  • Drink lots of water
  • Exercise for at least 30 minutes a few times a week; even if it’s a brisk walk around your garden
  • Up your fruit and vegetable intake
  • Lower the amount of sugar and junk food that you consume

Slender Wonder is a medical weight loss programme that can assist with guiding you towards a healthier lifestyle, as well as losing weight. They are available for online consultations at the moment. You can also email them.

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