Drinking Water for Weight Loss

We all know that we need water to survive; however, what might not be known is that water is also essential to losing weight. There are many processes within the body that require water in order to digest and metabolise the food and fat we consume. In this article, we will discuss why drinking water for weight loss is important. 

Does Drinking Water Help to Lose Weight?  

Yes! Drinking water can most definitely help you lose weight. There are many reasons for this and here are a few of them. 

  • It Helps Burn Calories: Believe it or not but drinking water and staying hydrated can actually assist your body in burning calories. This is because it increases one’s resting energy expenditure. Studies show that one can experience up to a 30% increase in one’s resting energy expenditure. It should be mentioned that this increase only last for about 60 minutes and it is, therefore, important to consistently keep one’s body hydrated.
  • Reduces Appetite: Drinking water before meals can reduce one’s appetite slightly. This is because your stomach will be partially full before eating. 
  • It is Calorie Free: In our modern society, many people will drink juice, or carbonated drinks when they are thirsty instead of water. Not only are these drinks less hydrating, but they also contain a lot of calories and sugar. While it might not seem like it, this is an easy way to overindulge and go over your calorie limit for the day. 
  • Helps With Digestion: Water is fantastic for your gut and helps with digestion. Issues with digestion can lead to constipation, bloating, and discomfort which will definitely add a few inches to your waistline. Staying hydrated will also help your kidneys remove toxins and waste from your body. When you are dehydrated your kidneys will retain fluid as a shock response. 
  • Essential to Burn Fat: Funnily enough, your body needs water to burn fat. Fat is metabolised in the body when water molecules interact with the fats within the body. This process creates glycerol and fatty acids. If the body is not hydrated, this process cannot take place effectively and fat that should have been burned is instead stored. 

How Much Water Should I Drink to Lose Weight?

Ultimately, you need to ensure that your body remains hydrated throughout the day. It is widely known that if you are consuming between one and two litres of water per day, then you are consuming enough water to assist in weight loss. While you can drink water at any time of the day, it might also help to drink a glass of water before your meals. It should however be mentioned that while water does help with weight loss it isn’t a magic pill. You still have to stick to a healthy diet and exercise regularly to see results. 

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