COVID-19 Affecting Your Weight Loss Programme for 2020?

Since the hype around COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease), many daily routines have been interrupted, with necessary adjustments having to be made. These changes have affected each individual differently, and may take a toll on 2020 goals. Your weight loss journey does not need to be affected, and we’re here to show you how.

Because we’ve been advised to make minimal contact with people, we are no longer free to shop and socialise as we please. This also means that we’re not allowed to go to gym anymore. So how do we get around this and avoid picking weight up instead of losing it?  

Plan Your Meals

Spend as little time as possible out and about by planning exactly what it is that you need before you even set foot out of your house. Your shopping list should include all of the healthy ingredients that you would usually get; don’t fall into “stay home” snacking! Don’t lose your discipline streak now by buying tempting bits and bobs that you’ll regret later.

Beat Emotional Eating

Working from home with the fridge so close by may increase your temptation to eat just because you can. Don’t fall into this trap! If you are feeling bored, do some exercise, or go clean something that you’ve been meaning to clean for some time. It helps to keep physically busy to get over the obsessive thoughts around food. Drink lots of water to fill your belly so that you feel less like eating.

 Get Moving

Although it’s super easy to spend all day in your PJ’s while you work from home, don’t get into the habit of growing roots on the couch and not getting physically active at some point in the day. Even if it’s something as simple as putting on some of your favourite music and dancing around the house for 20 minutes; any kind of movement will help you stay on the weight loss path.

Your weight loss programme for 2020 doesn’t need to feel the effect of COVID-19. Stay fit, stay hygienic and keep up the good work, safely at home!

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