Chris Karsten shares his Slender Wonder Journey

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Chris Karsten, a 32-year-old Polygraph Examiner from Centurion, decided to lose weight in December 2018 when he and his wife did not feel comfortable on the beach during their holiday.

Chris heard about Slender Wonder on the Pretoria FM radio station and as luck would have it, they announced a Slender Wonder weight loss competition that day.

Chris took the chance, entered, and, won!

He started with the Slender Wonder weight loss programme on 14 January 2019 and enjoyed the transformation of his body.

Chris used to be in the Air Force up until 2013, where he was constantly submitted to fitness tests and sports events to help him maintain his weight. When he left the Air Force, there was no incentive to keep fit and stay active, so Chris picked up a lot of weight.

As he started to lose weight on the Slender Wonder programme, he started fitting into his old clothes again and even had to buy new, smaller, clothes.

Chris also got the courage to start exercising again.

“I had more energy to exercise and felt like a new person.”

Chris enjoyed the fact that his wife supported him throughout the programme and that she could do it with him.

“She motivated me a lot to stay strong.”

The hardest part for Chris was definitely the beginning of the programme, because that meat a complete change of lifestyle.

“It was a psychological war with yourself some days and then you just have to stay strong and push through the day.”

Chris lost 16kg over 10 weeks and lots of centimeters. He is on the stabilization plan of the Slender Wonder programme.

“I am so used to the lifestyle now and how to handle it, I will definitely continue with the Slender Wonder maintenance phase in order to keep the weight off.” By following through with each phase you lose weight and you learn how to manage it by keeping it off. A complete lifestyle change.

To Chris the biggest benefit of Sl,ender Wonder was all the help he has received from the Slender Wonder doctors to keep him motivated and on track.

“They teach you how to change your lifestyle for the better, to make sure you don’t pick up the weight you’ve lost and also about portion control and what your body needs.”
Since Chris lost all the weight, he feels like he can do so much more.

“I have a lot more energy, so I can do a lot more exercise than before.”
The weight loss also had a huge psychological benefit to Chris.

“I feel like nothing in life is impossible. I feel so much more confident and not ashamed of my body anymore.”
Chris reckons Slender Wonder is the perfect programme to lose weight and anybody who is sure they are ready to lose weight, must consider it.

“You are never too young to start with Slender Wonder. Don’t wait too long, before the problem becomes too big… sooner, rather than later. The less you have to lose, the easier it will be.”

His advice to anybody on the Slender Wonder programme is to stay strong and keep on believing until you reach your goal.

“And when you have a hard time, just contact the Slender Wonder offices, because they will motivate you and give you good advice to help you through the process.”

Slender Wonder also assists patients via our social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Slender Wonder patients are also encouraged to join the Slender Wonder Support Group on Facebook.


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