Charmain Fourie, Harties mom of 2 shares her inspiring story of a new lifestyle.

before and after

Before beginning the Slender Wonder Programme, Charmain struggled most mornings with no strength to get out of bed, frequently looking for an excuse not to go to work, not to do anything using the excuse that she simply didn’t feel well, and had no energy to do anything.

With her energy low, she frequently felt the need to spend the day sleeping, to the point where no matter how many hours she slept, it was never enough. Every day was the same: go to bed tired, wake up tired, and her husband couldn’t figure out why she was so tired all the time because she snored, and he assumed she was getting a good night’s sleep.

She struggled with clothes as she wore a size 26 pair of trousers which unfortunately was not the largest she could find in her area.

Charmain has struggled with her weight since the birth of her two children and has found it difficult to shed over the years trying multiple options. Following her children’s births, she, unfortunately, gained an additional 10kg during the pandemic and then another 10kg after having covid due to depression. Being housebound and unable to visit people due to her weakened immune system, she turned to food as her only companion.

Charmain was visiting her GP at the time, who was treating her for long-term covid symptoms when she noticed she was running a Slender Wonder competition on her Facebook page, so, she decided to enter.

She said she was scared at first, scared of failing, scared of being hungry, scared it would be a financial burden because she would have to buy different foods, and just scared it would be too difficult and that she would not be able to do it.

She quickly overcame her fears as she felt and saw the weight drop each week.  Soon, all she felt was excitement, especially when it came to weigh-in’s, and found the food was affordable and simple to prepare, so she didn’t find herself cooking different meals for the family; they all eat what she eats.

She had a new mission, a new challenge, and a new way of life.

She discovered it was much easier than she had anticipated, especially with Dr. Clarice and her team taking her under their wings and continuously supporting her throughout her journey. She found it exciting to watch the numbers drop with each weigh-in, and there were days when the cm’s spoke louder than the scale.

And, while she didn’t originally enjoy weighing her food,  as she felt that sometimes the food portion looked like it would leave her hungry, she quickly realized that wasn’t the case at all. Once she ate, she realized how full she felt and that her portion was sufficient.

Charmain particularly enjoyed how simple the food was to prepare, and she did not have to spend hours on food prep. Even when attending a braai or dining out, she felt the diet is simple to understand and adhere to.

She said her friends encouraged and supported her and went on to explain that they are just as excited for her weigh-in as she is. They cant wait to hear how much weight she has lost at each appointment. A good support system is essential for making the journey easier.

She now has more energy and can stay up later and get up at 4 a.m., even before her alarm clock goes off. “Even my husband sleeps better now that he doesn’t have to deal with my snoring,” she said.

She is also more active and doesn’t want to stay at home as much as she used to because her self-esteem has returned, so she doesn’t mind going into the office for everyone to see.

Those who haven’t seen her in a while can’t believe she’s the same person, and the wonderful compliments she receives not only boost her self-esteem but also motivates her to keep going.

While on the programme, Charmain had to get through the dreaded holiday season, which was filled with socializing and holiday foods, she was concerned that she would gain weight during this period. But she didn’t; in fact, she found it easier to keep the weight off even if she had a bar every now and then, and managed to easily navigate the season.

Charmain is much more active than she was previously and can now finally give away her large clothes as she now fits into a size 20 pants. “There’s nothing better than getting dressed and my husband telling me that my butt is starting to look small; it just feels like the flame between us has been rekindled,” she explained.

Charmain also mentioned how she is finally feeling like a role model to her daughters, as they, too, want to eat healthier with their mom and they tell her every day how proud they are of her and her hard work. Her youngest daughter will tell her every Sunday, “Mommy, you worked so hard this week,” so she can see how they are watching her and what she is doing. It turns out that the entire family, including her husband, is making healthier choices.

“Slender Wonder has changed my entire life, and I am so grateful to Dr. Clarice and Johanette for giving me this opportunity,” Charmain said. Everyone wants to know what I’m doing, and I’m only too happy to tell them how fantastic the Slender Wonder programme is,” she added that anyone struggling with their weight for any reason should consider the program.

When asked how the program helped her psychologically, she explained that she feels happier and less depressed and negative now that she is more confident and not hiding from people.

When asked if she had any advice for those experiencing similar difficulties, she replied, “Start with Slender Wonder, I battled for years complaining and trying multiple different diets, Slender Wonder is different because it actually works. It gives you energy, boosts your confidence, and is also beneficial physically. I feel better and have fewer body aches. My back pain has improved, and I can now go for days without taking pain medication. I also used to have swollen and painful feet, but that is no longer the case.”

“Tomorrow is not guaranteed to any of us,” Charmain says. “So don’t squander it; be happy and do what you want to do. Live your dream. Not everyone is fortunate enough to be given a second chance. I was, and I’m making the best of it now.”

Charmain is currently still on the Slender Wonder programme and we look forward to catching up with her along her journey.

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