Chané Steyn gets married in her dream wedding dress

female wedding dress and boquet

Chané Steyn gets married in her dream wedding dress thanks to her weight loss success with Slender Wonder.

Chané Steyn (previously known as Chané Jansen) is no stranger to the Slender Success magazine. We featured Chané’s weight loss success in the June 2018 edition of Slender Success but the celebration hasn’t ended there…

The 24-year old Chané, from Montana hasn’t only lost a whopping 60kg but she has managed to maintain her weight for eight months. She says; “My Slender Wonder journey was simply amazing. I was on the programme for eleven months and I have been on the maintenance phase for the past eight months.“

“I have to admit, I do miss my doctor’s appointments because of the excitement that came with the knowledge of being a few kilograms down. My doctor, Dr Andre Marais, was and is extremely helpful. Even now during maintenance I know I am able to contact him with any questions and he will be happy to assist.”

Chané admits that being on maintenance isn’t always easy, and she adds; “To tell you the truth, it’s never easy but I know it’s worth it, for my health and my happiness. Thinking about all the clothes I wanted to wear but never could, keeps me strong through the difficult moments. The admiration from the people around me is hugely uplifting too.”

A feeling of happiness fills her again as she can enjoy shopping for the clothes she most likes, and she is able to partake in activities with her loved ones. She also loves wearing the bikini she always wanted to wear.

Chané also enjoys encouraging others on their journey to health and wellness, “Always keep in mind: stay strong, believe in yourself, do not give up and you can do anything.” Her daily mantra to keep ahead of the weight management game is what has allowed her to maintain her weight for eight months.

She further adds: “If you put your heart and mind to it you can do anything. Losing weight centers mostly in the mind. When you think you are hungry your mind will convince you to eat. If you feel like eating more after meals then wait a few minutes for your stomach to realise it is full. If this feeling persists, rather drink some water, that way you will feel full avoiding weight gain all together.”

“Slender Wonder gives you the tools you need. Just use them. Remember the Slender Wonder golden rule, “If it’s not in the book, don’t eat it.”

“The Slender Wonder programme helped me to lose and maintain my weight, which allowed me to get married in my dream wedding dress!”

This goes to show that leading a healthy lifestyle and keeping the weight off is possible as long as you are willing to try. Well done Chané, we are proud of you!

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