Celebrity Weight Loss: MD Greyling

Afrikaans singer / songwriter and Pretoria FM radio host is one of the many people who took on the Slender Wonder programme to better his health and improve his lifestyle. Being part of the band Ses Snare and a radio host, MD Greyling is often in the public eye.

This is not, however, his motivation for losing weight and living a healthier lifestyle. “I made the lifestyle change to spend more quality time with my family. I want to be able to one day run after a ball and play rugby with my boys. Currently I am their jungle gym at home and as a dad I don’t really have a choice but to stay healthy and fit,” he says.

MD heard about the Slender Wonder programme on PTA FM and started to take an interest after the umpteenth success story. He had tried other diets and changes, but nothing seemed to be working for him. He turned to Slender Wonder.

Celebrities Before and After: Where is MD Greyling Now?

MD has noticed a significant change on his body and a massive improvement in his energy levels. He exercises regularly and enjoys loads of outdoor activities thanks to his newfound boost! We will follow MD’s story on Slender Wonder and continue giving updates on his results.

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