Building your Summer body in Winter

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There are certain patterns of wellness, weight loss, and fitness many of us generally cycle through during the change of seasons. Many embrace the cosiness of hearty stews, soups, and wine during winter but is the frenzied summertime crash diet worth it?

Here’s a little tip “Winter is when summer bodies are made, and consistency is the key to building healthy bodies”.

If you are dreaming of that summer body already it’s best to start your fitness journey in Winter by building healthy habits which will aid you in maintaining your desired physique and avoid those crazy crash diets come Summer. It’s important to remember change takes time and a healthy body weight is an essential part of living a healthier life. At Slender Wonder, we aim to support you by achieving a level of balance that leads you to become a holistically healthy individual, and instead of just focusing on the symptoms of obesity we also focus on the causes.

The Slender Wonder Program aims to target the loss of unhealthy abdominal fat as well as general weight loss through a science-based formula focused on low-GI eating together with selected key products and a series of injections. Many of us have tried a variety of diets and where some may have worked, often we gain (and if not more) again, this is often because quick diets usually only address symptoms of weight gain and not the underlying causes.

Quick diets don’t assist with focusing on the long-term goal of healthy living and often do not have a stabilization period once the goal weight is achieved which often causes one to revert to their previous unhealthy eating habits failing to make the permanent lifestyle changes to keep the weight off.

Set your weight loss goals and start your journey to a new you this winter

Depending on your starting weight, results have shown that on average most lose between 4 & 7 kgs in the first month. Results are often patient-specific and once you reach your goal weight, you proceed through a maintenance phase where your Leptin sensitivity will have been restored and this will assist in maintaining your weight provided you continue to follow a healthy lifestyle.

Contact your nearest Slender Wonder Doctor for more information.

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