Benefits of Breakfast

Because of the long break that you take between dinner and waking up, your body will be slightly depleted of certain nutrients that keep your blood sugar stable. Eating breakfast assists with regulating your blood pressure, so it is, in fact, a very important meal of the day!

This doesn’t mean that every breakfast is going to do that, however. Sugary cereals, spreads, and even having a large amount of sugar in your coffee can spike your blood pressure and cause an energy “crash” later on. So, it’s important to choose healthy breakfast options, and some supplements that can give you the sustainable boost that you need.

Skipping breakfast entirely can also mess with your blood sugar, as well as increase your levels of bad cholesterol. The chemical reaction that may occur when you skip breakfast could cause you to overeat during the day – resulting in weight gain.

Breakfast Benefits

Boost Your Metabolism

Breakfast kickstarts your metabolism and sets it up for burning calories for the rest of the day. By skipping breakfast, your body may go into “survival mode” and hold onto those calories because it is preparing as if it’s not going to get more food at a later stage.

Eating breakfast activates the thermogenic process (which is the process that heats up your body and encourages fat burning). Stimulating your metabolism using healthy breakfast will keep excess weight off, and assist your body with everyday functions.

Boost Energy Levels

Breakfast gives your body the fuel it needs to keep you going throughout the day. People who eat a balanced breakfast will feel less of an energy slump later in the afternoon – whether they have had lunch yet or not.

Having increased energy means that you’ll be more inclined to want to exercise, and therefore, you’ll be healthier!

Boost Your Brain

Having a healthy breakfast will stabilise your glucose, which assists your brain with what it needs to concentrate and process information effectively. Bottom of FormA healthy breakfast will wake your brain up and give it enough fuel for the rest of the day.

For healthy breakfast options, as well as a full weight loss programme guided by professional weight loss doctors, contact us!

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