The Benefits of Long Term Weight Loss Maintenance

One thing will always be true when it comes to weight loss; you didn’t gain the extra weight overnight so you will not lose it overnight. Many people have reached incredible weight loss goals only to gain it back over a period of time. This article serves to illustrate how and why you should make an effort to maintain the hard work you have done to continue enjoying a healthy weight after the initial weight loss.

Maintaining a Healthy Weight Can Be As Challenging as Weight Loss

One needs to remember that once you have reached your weight loss goal it doesn’t mean that the work is over forever. You should be very proud of your efforts but not forget that the journey may seem like it has reached its climax, but now you need to work to maintain the milestones you have already accomplished. If you have accepted the efforts you made to lose weight as a change of lifestyle this shouldn’t be too difficult.

Unfortunately you cannot simply follow one diet successfully and think that’s all there is to it. Any weight loss doctor will tell you that long-term weight loss involves making sacrifices and actively living a healthy lifestyle. As you lose weight you may be tempted to revert back to your old habits which will just push you further away from your goals again. At the end of the day maintaining your weight is simpler than losing it in the first place if you follow a few simple rules.

The Role of Exercise in Weight Loss Maintenance

To give up on exercise after initial weight loss would be a waste. Following the advice of your weight loss specialist you should continue with the routine that has worked for you, you will maintain the boost you have given your metabolism which will help you keep off the weight you have lost. Incorporating weight training into your exercise routine is a great way to build muscle which will help you keep the fat burning cells in your body active to assist in weight loss maintenance.

Eat Breakfast

Your diet and advice from your weight loss specialist should have instilled the importance of eating breakfast in your daily habits. Keep this up as it will encourage you to keep all your other healthy habits. Starting your day off with a healthy breakfast to kick start your metabolism is the first and key step to maintaining weight loss.

Weigh Yourself Regularly

A healthy balance should be struck between keeping track of your weight loss and weight loss maintenance without obsessing. Don’t weigh yourself every day and starve yourself when you gain 1kg. Just stick to what you know works and you’ll be all set.

Don’t Kick Yourself When the Scale Reads Higher

Don’t spiral. If you gain back some of the weight that you have lost, don’t throw in the towel. You did it before and you can do it again. Find a support system to help keep you on track and help you get through the times that aren’t as easy. Consistently controlling stress levels, sleeping well and eating clean will help you get right back to where you want to be in no time. Obsessing and stressing over minor setbacks can have an even greater negative impact on your weight loss efforts.

“It’s Not a Diet, It’s a Lifestyle”

At the end of the day it is important to remember that no diet is a quick fix. If you want to lose weight now the only way to safely do so is with the advice from a weight loss doctor and a strategy that involves eating a clean and balanced diet and exercising.

If you want to lose weight now find the nearest Slender Wonder weight loss doctor in your area or contact us for more details.



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