The Benefits of Green Tea for Overweight People

A recent study published in the journal Nutrition Research reported that the polyphenols in green tea offer can help against high blood pressure and increase insulin function in people who are overweight.

In the past a lot of the research around green tea focused and showed some benefit on Alzheimer disease, cancer and LDL cholesterol.

Overweight people often also suffer from high blood pressure and insulin resistance.

This new study found significant reductions in both systolic [the top number, i.e. 130] and diastolic [the bottom number, i.e. 85] blood pressure.

Another benefit was improved insulin sensitivity – a marker of how the body handles carbohydrate breakdown in the body. In people with insulin resistance or poorly functioning insulin, it is far more difficult to break down fat and lose weight, therefore a normal level of insulin in the body is important during weight loss.

How much to drink?  

Researchers found benefits with an intake of 208 mg of EGCG (Epigallocatechin gallate), one of the four main polyphenols in green tea. That translates to about one and a half cups of high quality green tea such as Japanese Sencha [each cup has about 150 mg EGCG] or about seven cups of a lesser quality green tea like Liptons, or Twinnings etc [each cup of those kind has about 30 mg EGCG].

Either way – less green tea consumption with a higher quality tea or more cups of the lesser quality kind – you will still get the benefits!

Slender Wonder is currently researching its own ‘Super Green Tea’, Our plan is to enrich the tea with even more components that will help you with your weight loss endeavour. We are currently looking at the viability of this new exciting product in the pipeline and we will keep you updated!

In the mean time, go get a cuppa green tea!

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