Avoid these clothing mistakes while on a weight loss plan

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Shopping for clothes when on a weight loss plan

There will come a time where you will stand in front of your closet, wondering what to wear – the clothes that fit a few weeks ago, now hang loose…However, your goal weight is still a few kilo’s away, it’s not time to invest in a new wardrobe.

What not to do, is to keep reaching for those same old baggy clothes.  No matter where you are in your program, clothes can make you feel and look slimmer and inspire you to lose more weight!   New clothes can be a reward for losing certain amounts of weight towards your end goal. 

What Should you Buy?

Concentrate on flattering, well-fitting basics: eg black pants with a bit of stretch or an elastic waist that is easy to take in with mix-and-match tops.  Or, when an A-line skirts get a little loose, it won’t look as baggy as a too-large pencil skirt.

If you don’t want to break the bank for clothes that will be discarded 10 kilo’s down the line, shop online auctions, thrift shops or borrow clothes from smaller friends.

More Tips for Looking Good While You Lose:

  • Buying a new belt to tighten in the loosening pants eg get a slide-ring belt.
  • Start wearing colours you may have shied away from before. Match the black bottoms with interesting tops.
  • Knits adapt to changing sizes better and can look nice longer.
  • Do not cut your torso in half:  wear long with short. Eg longer blouses with shorter skirts and shorter blouses with longer skirts.
  • Get a new handbag with an adjustable strap so the purse is higher than you hip.  It should be in proportion eg bigger purses should be carried by larger women.   
  • Buy bathing suit tops and bottoms separately to ensure the best fit. Buy a a basic colour like black or navy, and splurge on the cover-up.
  • Don’t buy something just because you can get into it – ask a trusted friend how it looks on you.
  • Get a manicure, pedicure, or facial.
  • Do not set a target size.  One manufacturer’s 16 may be another’s 18 or 14.

And what about those “fat” clothes  – get rid of them!  The sooner, the better!

(Adapted from www.webmd.com)

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