Artist finds new inspiration in new body

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Riette Delport enjoys new appreciation for life after losing 42 kg



The popular artist Riëtte Delport (39) who lives in the picturesque town of Mossel Bay draws her inspiration for creating art from the story of Ruth (Rut in Afrikaans) in the Bible. Ruth was an impeccable woman, loving, kind and full of compassion towards everyone around her. Now, this kind-hearted artist has newfound new inspiration, having slimmed down into a new body.


Riëtte paints her pieces with the absence of facial features hoping that each person will see something of themselves in the piece. However, earlier this year, her view of herself changed as she realized her weight was preventing her from being active with her children and from enjoying outdoor activities such as hiking in the area where she lives. In fact, she had even become too shy to go to the beach.


Riette had tried many weight loss programmes before, none of which had yielded results. However, In February this year, she decided to turn things around and consulted her general practitioner, Dr Cia Berger. Under her care, she embarked on the Slender Wonder programme and this is when things started to change. With a combination of willpower, determination and commitment to the programme, this determined lady went from 134 kg to 92 kg, losing an incredible 42 kg in seven months.


Not only is Riette looking absolutely fabulous, she also has far more energy. Additionally, she is sleeping better and feels much more confident. “I always thought I was an introvert” says Delport. “Now I have realized that I was just hiding away because of my weight.  I also love interacting with my clients even more now that I am happier in my body” she added.


Her slimmer body has given this talented artist a new lease on life. She now loves spending time with her children outdoors and has a renewed sense energy to enjoy the beautiful scenery in the area in which she lives by running, walking or hiking. To add it to the fun, she also has a new wardrobe to match!


Slender Wonder is a tried and tested medical weight loss programme that has been helping South Africans lose weight for almost forty years. For more information, visit www.slenderwonder.co.za


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