A Journey of Transformation After a Defining Moment

before and after transformation

In the heart of Vereeniging, an inspiring story unfolds. This is the story of a determined individual who, at 50 years old, chose to embark on a path of transformation, not just for her body but for her general overall well-being.

For Shirley Jacobs, the turning point arrived in March 2022. Following a knee scope procedure, she resolved that enough was enough – it was time for a change. Battling ailments such as Osteoarthritis, Sciatica, and Scoliosis had taken a toll, and she yearned for a life unburdened by pain and excess weight.

With guidance from her dedicated Biokineticist, Magdel Massyn, she discovered Slender Wonder – a program that held the promise of a healthier, happier life. With newfound determination, Shirley set forth on a path to regain control over her health and went to see Dr Marika Van Lelyveld, an accredited Slender Wonder Practitioner, and started her journey on the 2nd of July 2022.

Adapting to a new eating plan was a challenge, but with alarms and determination, she quickly adjusted. Overcoming the allure of sweet temptations was another battle, but with unwavering support from loved ones, she persevered.

“It was a challenge to get used to the fixed eating plan but I quickly adapted by setting alarms on my phone. In the beginning, it was hard to say NO to all the sweet temptations, but I was determined to follow through with the programme. I had a lot of support from my family and friends”.

Weeks turned into months, and the joy of transformation began to unfold. Witnessing her body change and experiencing newfound energy reinvigorated her spirit. She even reignited her exercise routine, further enhancing her well-being.

As with any journey, we need to embrace the triumphs along with the challenges. Shirley found she struggled a bit with following the diet strictly daily but, by organizing her daily routine through careful planning and preparation, she was able to conquer these hurdles and succeed.

From an initial weight of 94kg, Shirley managed to lose an amazing 40kg in a span of just 8 months, and while she still believes in the Slender Wonder supplements, she continues on her journey to maintain her goal weight.

When asked what sets Slender Wonder apart, Shirley said, “It is a very well-structured weight loss management program. I have done other diets which had very restrictive food types which did not work for me”.

Shirley has also benefited from the programme physically, shedding 40 kg has brought newfound mobility, ease of movement, and a significant reduction in physical pain, allowing her to rely less on pain medication. The psychological impact was equally profound. With the weight lifted, her self-esteem soared. Improved sleep patterns and a consistent sense of happiness became her companions.

Her motto, “Be positive and persevere,” resonates with anyone on a journey of transformation.

“Don’t think you are a failure, get your mindset right, and don’t be scared. Food is an addiction; you have to be in control of food and not the other way around. Don’t give in to temptation. “


Her advice to those grappling with their weight emphasizes the importance of regaining control, understanding food as an addiction to be managed, and resisting temptation.

Shirley’s story stands as a testament to the potential within each individual. For anyone burdened by weight and health concerns, Slender Wonder offers a path to transformation.


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