A Discovery of Inner Strength – “I am Stronger than I give Myself Credit For” – Carien Yzelle

before and after transformation

From a serene suburb of Centurion, 32-year-old Carien, a dedicated wife and mother of two young boys, embarked on a life-transforming journey that would become a beacon of inspiration for many. Her voyage to self-discovery and wellness began after the birth of her youngest, a son with cerebral palsy, who required substantial care and support.

Carien’s battle with weight gain has been a lifelong challenge, but pivotal events, such as her husband’s critical illness in 2017 while she was pregnant, thrust her into a survival mode where emotional eating became a coping mechanism. With the arrival of her premature son and his subsequent diagnosis of cerebral palsy, her daily life became a physically demanding task.

“I have always been big, but in 2017 my husband got critically ill, while I was pregnant.  My son was born prem is 30 weeks and stayed in the NICU for 81days.  He was later diagnosed with CP.  And I went in to survival mode and ate my feelings.”

Concerns for the future, as her child grew, led Carien to a turning point, prompting her to make a significant change. Carien made a life-altering decision to join the Nuwe Jy challenge. Witnessing her sister-in-law’s remarkable transformation after participating in the challenge a year prior inspired her. The inner glow and newfound vitality were compelling, and she aspired to embrace that change.

Carien’s journey with Nuwe Jy began on April 20, 2023, part of the program as a top 10 finalist was being able to do the Slender Wonder Program. The structured weight loss program resonated with her disciplined nature. Adhering to rules and regulations came naturally to her, facilitating her adherence to the program. However, she discovered that social situations posed a challenge as taking her own approved meals to gatherings was not always feasible. Nonetheless, she learned the art of planning and preparation, discovering that “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

During her Nuwe Jy journey, the momentous milestone of seeing her weight drop below 80kg was a memorable achievement. Social situations continued to be a hurdle, but Carien skillfully navigated them by communicating with event organizers and planning her meals accordingly.

As she progressed through the program, Carien successfully entered the maintenance phase, having achieved a notable weight loss of 12kg in just three months. Unlike previous attempts with various diets and products, the medical-based and doctor-monitored nature of Slender Wonder made all the difference.

The support system, encompassing the program, doctor, and fellow participants, played a vital role in her success. It provided the necessary accountability and encouragement she needed.

Carien uncovered unexpected benefits during her transformation journey. She realized her inner strength and expanded her capacities, particularly in the realm of patience. The program instilled a sense of resilience and a more friendly and positive outlook on life.

“I learned that I am stronger than I give myself credit for. As well as the program increased my capacities especially with regards to patience.  I am less cynical and more friendly.”

Physically, Carien’s transformation brought forth newfound strength and energy. Her demanding role as a mother to two young boys became more manageable as her vitality increased. Psychologically, the journey heightened her capacity for patience and understanding, reducing cynicism, and enhancing her friendliness.

For those considering the Slender Wonder program, Carien advises ensuring that your mind is ready for the commitment. This isn’t a quick and easy fix, but with determination and preparation, it is achievable.

Her motto, “PLAN,” succinctly captures the essence of her successful journey. Her advice to others struggling with their weight is to plan as much as possible but also be flexible and adaptable. Embrace your inner strength and have grace with yourself.

Now that Carien has completed the Nuwe Jy challenge, her future health and wellness goals revolve around maintaining her weight and further toning her tummy. She diligently follows the 80/20 rule and regularly weighs herself to ensure her weight remains within a 1.5kg range.

Carien’s journey is a testament to the incredible transformation possible through dedication, discipline, and a strong support system. Her story shines as a beacon of hope and inspiration for anyone embarking on a journey to better health and wellness.

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