55 years old and 21,9 kilograms lighter



Why did you decide to start the Slender Wonder weight loss programme?

I was so tired and depressed for being trapped in my own overweight body with which I struggled with over the past 25 years of my life. With a very bad health record as well as an inactive thyroid, no diet, no doctor and no dietitian could ever help me to lose weight successfully. The fact that Slender Wonder is a TRUSTED medical weight-loss programme and not a diet, I believed that this programmecould perhaps give me the opportunity to challenge myself once again.


What downs did you experience during your journey? I.E. what was most difficult?

My only downs definitely were the few times that I have reached a plateau of standing still for 4 to 6 days, not even losing as much as a 100g, but afterwards I realised that these periods were my utmost motivation to continue instead of giving up. Another down for me was giving up my 8 to 10 cups of coffee and Cremora per day. I was a total “coffeeholic”, but now I don’t even drink coffee anymore as it makes me feel sick.


What ups have you experienced since you have been on your SW weight loss journey.


My first up was most definitely the 6, 7kg that I achieved to lose within my first 2 weeks on Slender Wonder. I was capable of losing weight after all.

From there I was on a roll. The kilo’s and fat melted away and within 5 weeks I already dropped 2 dress sizes and 4 sizes during my 12 weeks on the programme. I felt healthy and energetic and I got addicted to all the “wow’s” and compliments and looking into my mirror several times a day. My ultimate up was that I managed to lose all my excess weight of the past 25 years in only 3 months. No more cholesterol and guess what, my metabolism is going again. What a precious, memorable journey!!


What is your favourite Slender Wonder meal?

Stirfry Chicken breast curry with broccoli & grated zucchini, with tomatoes and grated apples as a salad.


Your favourite Slender Wonder shake?

I love to mix strawberry and vanilla shakes 50/50. Tastes like soft serve ice cream.


What advice do you have for anyone currently on the programme?

Believe in yourself and put your absolute trust in the programme. Never cheat, stay focused on the food allowable and your goal weight. Never give up on what you’ve started, you’ll never regret it. Arm yourself with Slender Wonder and fight with motivation, inspiration and strict discipline. Win the fight against fat and keep your eyes on the trophy of achievement. If I could do it, you can do it. Your whole life could change in the blink of an eye.


Why would you recommend Slender Wonder?

I can honestly say that Slender Wonder really does work for any and every individual, no matter your health condition or obesity problem.


This programme is just a mindset to a new lifestyle, with positive thinking & feeling good about your body.


I am so proud of my new body. The Slender Wonder programme will definitely leave you with a NEW slimmer body, NEW health & energy levels and most of all a NEW happier life.


My decision to follow this programme was my best ever, I’m very proud of my achievement and I feel like a hell of a lady and a sexy grandma now.


And finally how much have you lost on Slender Wonder?


I lost 20.3kg in 12 weeks (4 July to 1 October 2014) and lost another 1.6kg again during my stabilisation month.

Total loss = 21.9kg


My short journey with Slender Wonder is most definitely my remembrance for life. I made a promise to family, my friends, Slender Wonder and myself and to you that I will never be overweight or fat again and I will keep to it forever with my Slender Wonder lifestyle.



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