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Introducing the BRAND NEW, NUWE JY reality program! In collaboration with Slender Wonder, we bring you a journey towards a more beautiful, happier, and healthier YOU. Tune in on YouTube from 17 July!

Presented by Venessa Schoeman from Voelgoed Media, this program features a dedicated team of experts, doctors, and sponsors. The reality show’s goal is to transform ordinary women inside and out. And no, it’s not just about looks—we aim to reach their hearts and help them shed the emotional baggage that prevents them from becoming the best version of themselves.

This is so much more than a makeover program! For those of you watching, we believe you’ll gain invaluable tips to become a NEW YOU too! Don’t miss out—subscribe today!

Behind the Nuwe Jy Program

The Nuwe Jy self-improvement program was created with the goal in mind to focus on holistic health, weight loss, personal growth, and confidence!

At the beginning of the year, ladies sign up to participate in a transformative 60-day challenge. Each participant receives a meal plan, exercise program, diet tips, motivational videos, and more!

Those who make significant progress during the 60-day challenge are eligible to enroll in the Nuwe Jy program. Twenty ladies are invited to an online interview, and ten are selected to intensively work towards their goals. Ultimately, the final top six ladies are named.

With the support of incredible sponsors, the top 10 embark on a comprehensive health and wellness journey. They will shed extra kilos with the Slender Wonder program. Annique’s skincare products ensure a healthy, glowing complexion, while our finalists flash their new smiles after visits to I Love My Smile. Psychologist Dr. Catherine van Heerden helps these amazing ladies clear their minds and regain mental energy through a group session at Thikwalo Lodge in Dinokeng.

Everyone has a story, and it takes courage to open your heart an share it as well as to take that first step forward on a transformative journey.

Get to know them closely and become part of their inspiring journey through the NUWE JY Reality TV Program, airing from 17 July 2024 on the Voelgoed TV channel.

Meet the Contestants

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Amanda Smith

Meet Amanda Smith, a 27-year-old entrepreneur who suffers from insulin resistance. She finds it difficult to play with her children and is often tired due to the additional weight.

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Annamarie du Plessis

Meet Annamarie du Plessis, a 48-year-old Operations Quality Controller. Annamarie originally signed up for the 60-day program to feel better about herself and be comfortable in her body. She wants to lose weight for health reasons, especially after being diagnosed with Fatty Liver Syndrome in December. Her doctor recommended that she lose around 8kg to lower her risk of liver cancer and avoid the need for a liver transplant.

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Annatjie Dreyer

Meet Annatjie Dreyer, a 48-year-old hairstylist. Annatjie wants to lose weight to improve her self-esteem and be able to buy clothes that fit again. She aims to look and feel beautiful for her husband and children, so they can be proud of her.

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Charmaine Faria

Meet Charmaine Faria, a 46-year-old accountant. Charmaine has difficulty losing weight on her own and struggles with her self-image, feeling terribly shy and withdrawn. She entered the program to see if she can overcome these struggles with some help.

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Connie Fraser

Meet Connie Fraser, a 66-year-old banana researcher and consultant. Connie wants to lose weight for her health and to feel good in her body and clothes. She dreams of having MANY YEARS of fun and adventure with her grandchildren.

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Mathilda van Niekerk

Meet Mathilda van Niekerk, 43, a Public Relations Consultant and Marketing expert. Mathilda has faced weight challenges since childhood, compounded by a history of emotional and physical abuse within her family. Despite enjoying exercise and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, she struggles with sustained weight loss. Mathilda seeks to overcome emotional blocks and feel comfortable and beautiful in her own skin. Her journey includes battling severe asthma and a tumor that led to a hysterectomy. Through it all, she remains committed to standing up for others, embracing life, and finding her own sense of beauty.

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Naomi Buurke

Meet Naomi Buurke, 45, an Accountant. Naomi gained 20 kg during her treatment for breast cancer. Now that she has completed her treatment, she feels it is time to shed the extra weight. She feels uncomfortable and is eager to return to feeling like herself again.

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Petro Du Preez

Meet Petro Du Preez, 41, a dedicated mom. Petro believes it’s time to lose weight for both her physical and mental health. She wants to feel good about herself and return to her pre-COVID fitness level, participating in races like she did before 2019. Additionally, she aims to strengthen her relationship with God, feeling more energized and alert. Ultimately, Petro aspires to be the best version of herself.

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Priscilla Bezuidenhout

Meet Priscilla Bezuidenhout, 50, a dedicated Nurse. Priscilla decided to join the program for her health and mobility. After undergoing foot surgery in August 2023, she felt her feet struggled to support her weight. By losing weight, she believes her foot will recover faster, making her feel lighter and more mobile.

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Suzette Bekker

Meet Suzette Bekker, 37, a Deed’s Typist. Suzette is on a journey to find herself again. Battling depression, she is determined to see the brighter side of life. Just one week into the 60-day challenge, she already felt better and more positive about herself. Suzette is committed to staying on this path, aiming to live medication-free and walk with God and her family with praise, unburdened by the weight of depression. She is eagerly looking forward to the next 60 days and the transformation it promises.

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10 Contestants, 13 Episodes, 6 Makeovers, many challenges and ONE winner!

Episode 1 starts July 17 – watch every week on YouTube!