Why do some patients fail with weight loss & maintaining their goal weight?

Written by: Dr Gerda Scholtz & Slender Wonder

We’ve explored some reasons as to why some people fail with weight so that you can be aware of these pitfalls and recognise them.

  • They do not read the Slender Wonder booklet.
  • They cancel their weigh in appointments when they’ve had a bad week.
  • They do not follow the programme correctly, i.e. eat more or eat less than what is allowed.
  • They do not use the Slender Wonder supplements and purchase their own from a pharmacy.
  • Their mind isn’t convinced of the new change you are about to make to your life.
  • They are losing the weight for a short-term goal i.e. a wedding, a holiday etc.
  • Their meals aren’t prepared – meal preparation is the key to successful weight loss.
  • They still have temptations in the house, for their kids, their husband etc.
  • They do not follow the stabilization phase after reaching goal weight.
  • Once the weight is lost some patients tend to fall back in old eating habits and sees this as eating “normally” again when it is not. Thus they do not make a lifestyle change.
  • They weigh themselves daily and get discouraged if the scale doesn’t move.
  • They skip meals.
  • They don’t weigh their food.
  • They don’t get enough sleep.
  • They lose weight for the wrong reasons i.e. to please someone else.
  • They experience a lack of support from friends, family or colleagues.
  • They lack discipline.

You CAN lose the weight, we will teach you how to keep it off.

Get ready for a lifestyle change, the healthy way!

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