What is your 3-four-50 strategy?

The Oxford Health Alliance a charitable organisation based in London, UK with a global network of participants. It is dedicated to preventing and reducing the global impact of epidemic chronic disease.


One of its initiatives, named the 3-four-50 (www.3four50.com), shows how three lifestyle factors (smoking, unhealthy diet and lack of exercise) lead to four chronic illnesses (diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer and lung disease), and ultimately to 50% of (preventable) deaths worldwide.


There are nuances on the focus areas in different countries; for example, in Asia smoking is still one of the biggest health risks, whereas for other areas obesity is the primary focus.  And South Africa, the country ranked third highest in the world with obesity, should be one of them if we look at the statistics below.


3-4-50 Interventions


3-4-50 interventions are aimed at supporting healthy living choices by individuals and families.  Ideally these interventions are consistently implemented in health care settings, school settings, workplace settings, etc.


You are already on the journey to weight loss, but do you have strategies in place to prevent a relapse and the mentioned lifestyle diseases?


It is about priorities and informed choices.


Slender Wonder offers a Maintenance Plan to keep you slim and healthy.  Ask your doctor for more information.


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