What To Put In A Gym Bag. (The Essentials)

Woman in gym clothes holding a black gym bag

With Summer approaching, many of us want to hit the gym and get in shape before the holidays arrive. If you’ve recently signed up for a gym membership or just want to revamp your old black gym bag, it’s essential to know what to pack inside of it. Read this article to find out what to put in a gym bag and why these items are essential.


Gym Clothes


Gym wear is an obvious essential for your gym duffle bag. But it’s important to pack the right kind of clothes to ensure a comfortable workout. Look for breathable fabrics with moisture-wicking capabilities to keep you dry and cool during your sweat session. And try to avoid cotton as it tends to hold onto sweat.┬á


Gym Shoes


Every type of workout requires different footwear. So, make sure to pack a pair of shoes in the gym bag shoe compartment that are appropriate for your exercise routine. For example, if you’re going to be hitting the weights, opt for cross-training shoes with good support.


A Water Bottle


Exercising without water is like driving a car without gas. Staying hydrated is crucial; the best way to do that is by carrying your own water bottle. Look for a spill-proof lid with enough capacity to last you through your entire workout.


A Towel


No one likes working out in their own sweat or sitting on equipment with someone else’s sweat residue. Keep a small towel handy to wipe off excess sweat and cover any equipment before using it.┬á




Music is an excellent way to get motivated and push through a tough workout. Make sure to include your headphones and a playlist of your favourite tunes in your gym bag.


Post-Workout Snack


Your body needs fuel to recover after a strenuous workout, so remember to pack a healthy and protein-rich snack in your gym bag. A protein bar, nuts or a banana are great options to energise you.




It goes without saying that deodorant is a must-have item for the gym. Be considerate of others, and make sure to freshen up after your workout before leaving the gym.


Extra Hair Ties


Ladies, always keep a few extra hair ties in your gym bag. They tend to break or get lost easily, and there’s nothing worse than trying to work out with your hair in your face.




If you plan on showering at the gym, make sure to pack all your necessary toiletries in a ladies’ gym bag. This includes items like shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and a towel. Don’t forget to pack any makeup or skincare products! You never know who you might bump into after your workout.


Final Thoughts


Make your gym sessions hassle-free by ensuring you have all these essentials in your gym bag. Remember, always keep your duffle bag fully stocked and ready to go so you never miss out on a workout again!

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